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Need n5110 Ethernet Driver


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Need n5110 Ethernet Driver

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Hi Guys,

I want to connect my laptop through LAN/Ethernet cable but it's not working. i think i dont have the driver installed, i installed RealTec Ethernet Controller (R292450) but it doesn't work :(

can someone help me out that which driver is the correct one to install?

thanks in advance! 

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  • Hi Qaisar,

    Welcome to the Commuinity. In order for us to answer your question, please include your system model, operating system when posting on the forum. This will make it easier for the community to give you the specific link for your driver.

    Thank you


  • It should already be installed. Open Network Connections to make sure the ethernet card is enabled. There should be at least 2 diff net connections-wireless & ethernet. Change the port on the router that the ethernet cable is connected to. Change the ethernet cable and make sure it is firmly connected at each end.

  • Hi Royan, Thanks for your kind reply. The model is Dell Inspiron N5110 with Window 7 - 64bit, Could you please help with the driver? Thanks a lot

  • Hi Mary, Yes everything is enabled, actually i want to transfer my all data from old laptop (Dell Vostro 14 - Win 7 - 32bit) to new one (Dell Inspiron N5110 - Win 7 - 64bit), i did all the settings like assigning IP addresses and stuff and i think i did everything right but just the problem is i dont have the driver install of the ethernet. Can you also help me out with the driver? Thanks

  • Qaisar

    From your posts it sounds like you are trying to share files between two computers.  To do so you will need either a cross over cable or a router or switch.  A normal Ethernet cable won't help.  Please reply back with the equipment that you are using for your network.  Are you just trying to transfer files from one system to a next or create a home network?  What type of cables that you are using and if you are using a router or hub please reply back with the brand and the model.


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  • Hi Terry, Thanks for your reply.

    Yes you are right, i want to move all my data from one laptop to another and both are running windows 7. I have configured everything like the IP and Subnet Masks and i think everything is okay just except the network cable issue. I am using a cross-over network cable for this.

    I am facing just one problem, the computers are not showing other computer in Network area. I bought the N5110 just a few days ago and i think it doesn't have any driver for the ethernet adapter and i have to find the right one for that.

    I sent you a private message with my Service Tag Number so you can see which adapter i have in the machine.

    Can you please help me out with the driver?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • I installed RealTek PCIe FF Family Controller for this, is this the right one?

  • Thanks a lot for your help guys, i installed RealTek PCIe FF Family Controller and now it's working. but i guess now the proble is cross-over cable because my laptop is connected to the network but i still cannot transfer data :)

    Thanks anyway!

  • Where the hell did you find a RealTek PCIe FF Family Controller?

    Google's never heard of it.

  • If you press F8 before 64 bit Windows 7 boots and select Disable Driver Signature enforcement then a non WHQL signed driver will install.

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    Drivers must be installed with user rights of administrator under Windows.

    Chipset should be done first.

    Drivers and Downloads<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

    Realtek RTL8111E-VB Gigabit Ethernet Controller,Realtek RTL8105E-VB 10/100 Ethernet Controller (Driver),

    Windows Windows7 32/64bit, Multi Language, MultiSystem A00.

    Operating systems
    Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit
    Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit

    Description Version Update
    Vista and WinServer 2008 Driver
    6.250 2011/9/19 664k US1 UK1 US2
    Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Driver 7.048 2011/9/19 694k US1 UK1 US2

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  • Hi

    I just bought a Dell Inspiron N1550 in Japan.

    Since the OS is in Japanese (and i dont understand japanese) i reinstalled an english version windows using my windows i purchased separately.

    Now the issue once i did this, the driver cd that was provided doesnt install any. (cant believe couldnt figure that out).

    So i downloaded the drivers off the website and everything works except.

    1) the internet via the ethernet cable - i kept trying but doesnt work. so is there any specific driver that you can recommend to get this up and running. so frustrating that i cannot use my computer.

    2) the bluetooth doesnt install...this i really dont care abt if it doesnt work.

    3) the nvidia drivers given on the site doesnt install...not sure if that is a problem.

    Please assist!!!

  • Hello ,

    I have dell inspiron N5110 Windows 7 64bit

    i Installed all drivers from dell website all drivers is working good except Ethernet

    ( Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller )

    Network disconnect and reconnect very frequently 

    when i using wireless it work good 

    and i was disabled firewall and antivirus 

    and i update LAN driver but the problem is still exist

    Please help me if You have another driver or if you have a solution 

  • Hello ,

    I have dell inspiron N5110 Windows 7 64bit

    i Installed all drivers from dell website all drivers is working good except Ethernet

    ( Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller )

    Network disconnect and reconnect very frequently

    when i using wireless it work good

    and i was disabled firewall and antivirus

    and i update LAN driver but the problem is still exist

    Please help me if You have another driver or if you have a solution


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