As a computer programmer I have thrashed a lot of laptops in my time. My first, aToshiba was so ugly but still works today - my Compact -- thrashed that 3 hard drives later it still goes. Then in 1998 got my HP Desktop that I thrash and a Dell Volvo 1510 for when I provide training and demo's - but hasn't had a lot of use. Last week it wouldn't turn on blue light flash briefly. Power supply works - glows green but no light flash if battery removed and plugged in to mains. Dell is fully aware this means the motherboard is dead. They also know this will occur at around 2yrs to this model and others, regardless of use, unless the owner updates the BIOS. Everything looks new, no where or tear. If you look up the Model 1510, the most commonly search is 'Laptop was fine, now won't start. '

It is so lame making suggestions in this article knowing full the odds of helping are 2%. Would it really have killed Dell to email or phone owners and arrange a bios upgrade. Some people will be paying them off for years and have no laptop just Dell debt. Dell does know the video card they used is faulty - you should have got an extra years warranty as this was promised world wide. But Dell knew the laptops would start to die from 18 months old so kept their mouths shut.

Shame on you Terry. You know very well these models are defective and you have the poor owners pulling memory sticks in and out - god some people are removing their keyboards to remove the battery for a minute - getting people's hopes up? Accepting thanks from people? If Dell removes this post - it will prove this issue will be better served by the folk at Fair Go or the Commerce Commission.