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Laptop keeps restarting after windows logo.


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Laptop keeps restarting after windows logo.

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Hi Guys,

I have encountered a problem with my 2 year old dell studio 1555 laptop. It was workin fine until today when it I was surfing the net. IE froze a blue screen came up and the laptop shut it self down. When i restarted the laptop, it gave me 2 options.. 1) windows start-up repair 2) start windows normally.. When I choose 2 .. It went to the windows logo but then kept restarting itself. But when i choose 1.. nothing happens after the loading bar. It just shows a blank screen. I tried to re-install windows but it gets stuck on “starting setup” window. Can anyone  please help me ? i don’t know what to do here.. thanks in advance.

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU  P8600  @ 2.40GHz


512 MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570

Windows 7

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  • It is most likely  a bad hard drive.  F12 at powerup.  Boot to the Dell diagnostics and run an extended test.

  • when i go into the system diagnostics ... it does the pre boot system assessment and this is the error it gave.

    Error code : 0142

    msg: error code 2000-0142

    msg: Hard Drive 0 - self test uncessfull. Status 79

  • The hard drive is indeed toast - you will need to replace it and then reload everything.

  • Oh Damn... thankfully i didnt have anything important saved on there... but i was just looking through some fourms and poeple with the same error messages have actully solved their problems without replacing their hard drives.


  • You may or may not be able to fix the problem with a reload, but the fix will be temporary - so keep backups.  The drive is dying - the only long term solution is to replace it.

  • i am sorry for having to ask you this question.. but are you definatly sure that a hard drive change could fix this problem ? and if yes.. can i buy any laptop hard drive from a shop or do i have to look out for some compatibility issues ? thanks for your help.