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Studio 1558 Won't Boot

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HI i'm actually helping fix a friends computer, she has a Studio 1558 it's a little over a year old. She just returned from a long trip to Germany and her computer will not boot up. The little white light blinks when you press the button and plug in the power but it does nothing. No screen image and no noises. I tried the standard dell fix, unplug and reseat, that didn't work. I unplugged the HDD and it did nothing. I tried resetting the BIOS and nothing i tried no battery and just battery, still nothing. Any ideas? Suggestions? Anything is helpful at this point. 


Thank you for your time,


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  • Verify that the LED on the AC adapter is ON - if it's not, replace the adapter.  Try without the battery  -- if the system will boot without but not with the battery, the battery is bad.

    If it won't boot on AC alone with a good adapter, and you've tried all the reset/reseat, the mainboard needs to be replaced.