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Dell Vostro 1015:Using the integrated webcam:

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Okay I bought Dell Vostro 1015 today. It came with Ubuntu pre-installed. But since I don't use nor intend to use Ubuntu in the near future, I replaced it with Windows 7. However, before removing Ubuntu, I saw a desktop application called Cheese. Pretty nifty application it was to snap pics! But now that I'm on Windows 7, I can't find a single application to use my webcam offline for do ing something so menial like taking pictures. Also, the Dell Webcam Center at 140 MB would no doubt, be a complete waste of bandwidth and time, I'm sure of that. Shame on Dell! Anyway, my question was that if there exists any software to snap pics and record videos offline on the Windows platform?(Nothing of too much professional quality but something decent)?

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  • Sir, I bought Vostro 1015 and installed Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. I am unable to use my webcam due to non-availability of software. Please suggest me for obtaining webcam software.

  • Sir I bought a Dell Vostro 1015 Laptop. I do not know how to use its built-in webcam. Please let me know step by step how to take my pictures and videos