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Dell Vostro 3.0 with USB 3.0 problem


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Dell Vostro 3.0 with USB 3.0 problem

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I am user from Thailand Please help

We buy Dell Vostro 3.0 from store (Banana IT)on End of May for DELL-Vostro-3450-i5-2410-Dos and now a lot user found problem for USB 3.0 can't used  the issue problem is

1. when connect HDD Ex 3.0 in to USB 3.0 port  just 10-30miniute  windows will not dectect due to HDD no power  and need to restart

2. If connect HDD ex 3.0 to both USB 3.0 port for tranfer file can tranfer file about 3-5 miniunt and speed will slow down and the end hdd will not dectec and need to restart

Had test HDD 3.0 from Seagate Toshiba Western MSI

Windows already test from Win 7 Home , ultimate 32 & 64 bit still found problem

Please refer our thai notebook website already test and result here 

and please see this our forum disscusion for this problem u can use google translate to english 

Now already contact Dell Thailand but no solution and no any information from Dell Thailand for this issue problem

We trust in Dell brand for Service then i decide buy Dell but this problem Dell Thailand no any comment and notice.

Then need Dell US help for this problem

And now we already notice to all friend all peple by online social network  to not buy dell now due to Dell sevice now have problem for this issue.



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  • I replyed to you earlier today but Dell has deleted it.  See my post on cnet.