Dell Studio 1458 Switch (F2) to turn on wireless card radio not working


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Dell Studio 1458 Switch (F2) to turn on wireless card radio not working

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My wireless card stopped working and I get the message that the radio is disabled.  F2 is supposed to turn it on,but no longer does so.  Tried reinstalling the wireless card driver, but that didn't help.  I am told that I probably havae a software conflict.  Can anyone tell me how to find and correct the conflict?  Thanks

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  • Hi Lenshome,

    Welcome to the Community. Please let us know which system model, operating system your using, so it will make it easier for the Community to answer your question.

    To turn on the wireless switch is FN+F2, not just F2. On certain laptops the wireless switch is at the side of the laptop. It could be the wireless software as well, depends on which one you have on your computer. Click on start, all programs, you should probably have Dell Wireless, or Intel Proset Wireless, click on that, and you enable radio on that software as well. If its already turned on over there, then I guess it should be off in the Bios, press the F2 key on startup at the Dell logo, that should bring up the Bios, move to Wireless switch or hotkye and make sure its set to WiFI-BT, and make sure internal wifi is enabled.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • Hello, I had the same problem as you, after trying with so much dirvers and software that updates drivers I found a simplier solution.

    Into the BIOS I changed the Wireless configuration from all to none and keep bluetooth, WLAN & WWAN as enable.

    Hope this works for you too, if you still have the same computer.

    P.D. Is a shame from DELL that doesn't offer enough support

  • THANK YOU CARLOS!!!!! After many hours of frustration this actually worked!!!!!

  • Huh, it worked for me too! Thank you!!!