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N5110 drivers for Windows 7

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I received the Dell N5110 laptop without OS today. Strangely package also didn't contain any disc with drivers. By the way I'm in Latvia. When I installed Windows 7 as usually it didn't recognize many devices. Ethernet controller was among those devices, so I couldn't connect to the internet and use Windows Update to find the drivers. Using my mobile phone as a modem and Windows Update I managed to get Ethernet Controller, so now at least can connect to the internet directly. But Windows Update doesn't find drivers for rest of the devices as it did for my ASUS notebook. Drivers and Download Support section for this notebook also isn't very helpful, there are basically no drivers at all... So how am I supposed to find them? So annoying.. Dell, is it that hard to list relevant drivers in the downloads?

Can anybody suggest how can I find the right drivers? Meanwhile I'll try my luck with these: http://www.laptop-driver.net/dell-inspiron-n5110-windows-7-drivers/

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  • Hi Voldemarz,

    Welcome to the Community. The below link is the list of drivers for your system of our support site, install whichever is applicapable to your system.


    Before you install the drivers, please go through the below link on how to install drivers in the correct order.


    Hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • I already finished installing drivers. That driver download site you posted is exactly what I was referring to when I said that there are pretty much no drivers at all. Most important one are not there - no ethernet, no wireless, no bluetooth, no video, no card reader, no chipset.

    Shame that Dell didn't bother to list necessary drivers in the downloads and are causing headacher to its customers, especially since some of the links here http://www.laptop-driver.net/dell-inspiron-n5110-windows-7-drivers/ point to DELL ftp servers. For example Ethernet driver . And it clearly says that it's for Inspiron N5110....

  • HI Voldemarz,

    Well I see all the drivers that you have mentioned on the link which I gave above. To make it easier for you, below are the links for the specific driver.

    Chipset Driver:  


    Video Driver - Intel:


    Video Driver - Nvidia:


    Video Driver - ATI:


    Card Reader:


    Ethernet Driver- Realtek:


    Ethernet Driver: Intel:


    Bluetooth - Dell:


    Bluetooth - Intel:


    All of them are from the same link, I do see wireless as well, but that depends on which card went with your system, you should find it under network. All these drivers are for Win 7 64-Bit.

    Thank you


  • can i get nVidia GeForce GT 525M version A03 for dell ISP 5110

  • Hmm, now I see them, strange, previously I saw only 10 files there. Too bad I didn't make a screenshot. Anyway, thanks! Nice to know that they're actually listed.

  • All this mess with invisible drivers actually was caused by the service tag. When use it the search finds 10 drivers and utilities and BIOS is shown as chosen option in the operating system drop down list. If i change to Windows 7 64-bit then I see all 32 downloads, and when I change back to BIOS I see only 1 bios update. So obviously you have a bug in your web application. I guess I didn't pay much attention to selection in thr operating system list because search results showed things which are not related to BIOS.

  • Mr. Royan,

    I have WIN 7-32 bit, all the drivers for 32 are instated already, but cant find WiFi-wireless drivers.

    Network controller - shown in device manager are not installed correctly.

    Is it possible that DELL did not released drivers for 32 bit????

    Please help to solve this problem, as this headache begins to unnerve me.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Intel 6150 WiMAX driver (32 bits): downloadmirror.intel.com/.../ICS_s32.exe

    Intel 6150 WiFi driver (32 bits): downloadmirror.intel.com/.../ICS_s32.exe

    Install first the WiFi driver to avoid troubles on install!

    Hope something helps ;)

  • There is god after all :)) Thanks a lot!!!!!!

  • I have to second to the earlier description of the problem. I was struggling for hours with the exact same problem of being unable to locate the correct wireless driver (which was the most important for me in order to proceed with other downloads smoothy instead of copying files over from another pc). Upon entering the service tag there were none listed, just like the person who started this thread described. The only way to get a more complete list is by *not* using the service tag and choosing just the operating system, which, however, gives quite a large number of options to the user. As the files are each quite large (one was around 150 megs when I dowloaded it for testing) it is very painful to download them one by one. Why donwload them one by one? Because I was unable to determine with 100% percent certainty which adapter the computer had - the box contained no driver CD-s, no detailed information as to the hardware components. And there was no easy way to find the device name by vendor and product id via the dell web page  Two of the likely driver candidates (guessed based on internet searches) didn't work. These were also the largest. Finally I found the right one. But - by trial and error. Unfortunately this had  to be done with some other drivers as well, because there is quite are a variety of choices on display. So yes, there does seem to be something wrong with your system, as entering service tag limits offered drives to a relatively useless choice. Here is a screenshot to prove the point:



  • The original post described a system shipped without an operating system - if your arrived that way as well (came with FreeDOS), then the service tag info is correct - why would it point to drivers for an operating system that didn't ship with the system?

  • And forgot to say thank you to Dell-Royan-S for assisting on the board. His answers made it quicker.

    To answer your question ejn63 - the seller of the hardware is the only one who knows which parts are installed on a specific device with a specific service tag for sure. The support tag would be the only logical way for me to get an overview of that on dell.com website without much hassle or w/o wasting anyone's time on the forums. Trying to argue that Dell is actually shipping a workhorse like n5110 with i5 and nVidia for mere work with FreeDos is a bit over the top - there will be probably no person on earth besides a few geeks who will use it for everyday use in reality. From a customer service point of view it is clear that each machine will need drivers for a windows install, or in case the choice is a linux distro, then it would still be kinder if the dropdown said "none needed for this distro" or "we do not support this distro" than limiting the dropdown to the choices of "what bundle of hardware and software you have". People will look for drivers for their machine, whichever OS they descide to use for it, not drivers for the bundle what shipped in the package. For hardware, not a product (the bundle of which may differ). In the future, when a driver will need to reinstalled I would again expect to see all of the drivers for all potential configurations (be it linux, xp-64 ot win 7) that are for that hardware, not what is expected to work out of the box. The point of being on the page is that a driver for that hardware is needed, isn't it? That is ok, everything is, but that is simply a producer oriented point of view, that's all.

    I really did think, and probably did the other poster, that the service tag implied the hardware configuration not the specific bundle. So that's the "misunderstanding".

  • The service tag will pick up both the hardware AND the originally-shipped operating system and report it to the database that produces the list you see.  Yes, it is true that IF the system shipped with Windows, the list you see will correspond to that operating system.  It's equally true that if you order the system without Windows, you won't see the Windows driver list - any more than you'll see Windows Vista drivers be the default for a system shipped with Windows 7.

  • Cool. Thanks for explaining that logic. I was not simply trying to complain but rather to be critically helpful by seconding to the logic the other user pointed out as well. It made sense to me when I saw it. So that in case this behaviour of the service tag option on the web would not have been the desired behaviour dell.com would come to know about it. I understand what you are saying and was pointing to a different point of view.

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