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inspiron 1545 how to do a new install of windows 7 and drivers

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Hello I have a inspiron 1545.  It came with vista and I would like to do a clean install of  windows 7.  I have a copy of windows 7  I down loaded from microsoft and burn it to dvd.  I have gone to the dell driver web page and there are 41 files for my computer.  How do I know which drivers I need for my computer.   Dose windows 7 have a recovery partion like vista.  If so  how big should I make it?  What should I call it?  What are the steps for installing windows 7 for this inspiron 1545. In the past I had a virus,  how do I clean the hardrive of all data so the virus dose not come back as it has done in the past.  I would like to clean, repartion and format  the hardrive before I install windows 7.  What are the steps to do this process. Are there any good websites to do this?

I thank anybody who can help.

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