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XPS 17 NEW adapter plug loose and falls out?!?!


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XPS 17 NEW adapter plug loose and falls out?!?!

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Recently purchased the XPS 17 laptop, and first thing I noticed when I plugged in the adapter is that there is entirely too much play, it flops down and has fallen out quite a few times already.  Have several other DELL laptops and those are still nice and tight even after years of use~ did they give me the wrong one??  I see no reason why a brand new plug/laptop should be this loose?


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  • Terry, as its been said countless of times, its not about how your using your laptop, the plug will come off partially or completely with the slightest of movement, This is a problem and a design flaw. We need to constantly check whether the plug is fully in every 5mins. Can you really argue against that? What other functional product you know has a cable this loose? I use my laptop with great care and always on table and yet it still manages to come out. Unless the system is designed to be glued on the table, along with the cable there is no way that cable will stay in place.

  • Before I "cut-the-cord" it would fall out over night while sitting on a flat surface.

    Stop getting overly technical about this. Dell lost customers not becasue its not a design issue but because they failed to respond to us - the customers - in a reasonable way. Sending out technicians to do the same thing over and over, having contradictory statements from phone support, having an entirely useless phone/chat support system soured the taste for Dell in every XPS17 customer's mouth.

    I could have been appeased a year ago and accepted the design and Dell's intended use. But Dell never consider going down that road with me or any other XPS17 customer. Rather, they gave incorrect statements to phone support and pay a contractor to change the power port, chassis, daughterboard, and anything else tey could get away with.

    Failing to address the customer service issues lets us, the customer, focus on the failure of design in a computer with a power cord that will not stay plugged into the machine. Laptop or not - that cannot ever reasonably be considered the "intended design".

    THAT, TerryW, is why we are upset. THAT TerryW is why we keep this forum aline. THAT TerryW is why I set up the petition. THAT TerryW is why we give it bad reviews in public forums.

  • "I can tell you it'd be bettery just to think of these systems as portable systems or desktop replacements." - Terry W

    Terry W. - can you show me where, in the ad from a year ago when I bought my system, or even now on the configuration page for the XPS 17, where it says this is not designed to be used as a "laptop"?

  • Terry W: So here's an idea. If this is such a non-issue, why don't you start a separate forum post with the title, "XPS 17 power plug falls out and I like it that way"?

    Or, "XPS 17 power plug falls out, but it's a "usage issue," not a "design flaw."

    You can then commiserate with all the other like-minded Dell XPS17 owners...

  • Yea, Terry, you're flat out wrong. I respect your opinion, but you're way off - go buy one and you'll see why this thread is not dying.

    If this never gets resolved, I'll be sure my voice is heard when recommending a manufacturer for laptops to friends.

    I think I'm going to have another service call, because my plug has become the worst it's been since the second fix.

  • I will play both sides here, I myself come from a fortune 100 company that has well over 100,000 people and 110+ million customers. I don't say this to brag, but to say I understand where Terry is coming from. First on compensation, compensation for what? Sure we have all been inconvienced, but really other then frustration we really are not out any money (for the most part). Dell should extend something our way (maybe a $10 credit for the right angle plug), or a discount for a new system or something, but just cutting us a check would be above and beyond, and I don't expect it, nor do I think from a business sense it is warranted.

    What is however warranted is fixing the issue, that is clearly a design flaw. Terry I very much appreciate your feedback and whatever you are doing to help however there are a few things that you should know. First it is a design flaw, and unless if you have one yourself you can't speak from experience. Also to your point of "typical use" the terms and conditions of the purchase (and the limited warranty) should back up your statements (they don't) so I would refrain from debating that with us as you will lose creditability. This is something your company should not turn a blind eye to, if you care about Dell (which it seems like you do) I would be careful from here on out as this could escalate even further. People are right, it would not hold up in court, as it is a clear issue on Dell and Dell's R&D team. On top of that even if it could be debated in Dell's defense the court rarely will side with a large company and typically there is a settlement if not a full blown suit. One which will cost your company more then fixing the issue as it stands right now.

    Myself, I will be contacting the BBB regarding this. This is not to be nasty, rather to keep Dell accountable. Terry I know from being about step 3 on the corporate ladder of 15 steps that I can only do so much. I really do appreciate you trying to help, I think you have went above and beyond if you have done all you said you have done (which I think you have). However there is no accountability for your company to get this done. A BBB case may or may not help this get done but it will escalate the situation to another department that will look into it.

    I feel like I shouldn't have to do this, but I understand how things work in a big company. I also feel that this is an overall great system, other then this issue I would say it has been near perfect. As for reccomended Dell to a friend I will say I am iffy. We shouldn't have to go through all this to get a fix (again I do understand how it is, but it still is wrong), but if the issue is fixed I may be netrual in my stance for or against Dell in the next years.

    To all the people in the forum, keep it up, I will keep you guys posted, and thanks Terry (ommiting your last statement) you have been a great employee, thanks for helping us out, and I look forward to you keeping us posted. I will post later on tonight what the case information says and when I should get a response back from the BBB/Dell, typically I believe it is roughly 10 business days.

  • Setapart22: You make excellent points, but I disagree on the area of compensation. The laptop has not performed as a user should reasonably expect that it will perform...that is, as a laptop. I don't know how severe your troubles have been, but my power cable falls out if I cough. Sometimes, it just falls out. Because laptops are designed to work for only short periods when not connected to AC power, most laptop use is done with the AC cord plugged in. When the cord won't stay plugged in, the laptop is not performing as a laptop. The fact that we have been complaining about this for more than  year is an aggravating circumstance. Dell owes us more than a discount on a new connector. At the VERY least, they owe us a working/repaired connector free of charge *and* a goodwill gesture of some sort - be it a rebate on a future purchase or something similar.

    I appreciate that you are filing a BBB complaint and would happily support you. I just don't think Dell should be let off the hook with simply a tiny rebate on a new plug. I purchased a high end laptop and due to the power plug issues, it has not performed like a high end laptop. It is my primary work machine and it has been a nightmare to use. Dell owes me - and everyone else suffering this same issue - more than a token gesture.

  • For what it is worth, Dell had similar problems in 2006 with the XPS 700.   It was a desktop and not a laptop.  The issue was marketing related.   Dell advertised how the system would perform and what components were in the system.  It turned out the motherboard was not as advertised and a motherboard exchange program finally ensued world-wide.    The solution did not happen until an article was written by the Wall Street Journal about the problem.   For more about that issue one can check out the blogs at   www.RampantSpeculation.com founded by GBAKMARS.   Check out their mission as a starter.

    It is great going to the BBB, but the BBB usually has no influence with companies and their marketing and problem resolution.   The BBB does not write news articles about issues.  The BBB is not world wide.   The Wall Street Journal spreads the word and reaches around the world.  

    Someone may want to contact GBAKMARS about how he was influential in getting the XPS 700 issue resolved.

    My system was one of those converted to the XPS720.   I still use it today - one KA system at that time and still PDG today.

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  • Agreed, cutting a check would be silly. In fact Nokia did not cut a check,. but, rather, ATT issued a credit on the bill. Customers: satisfied. Apple effed this up too with Antennagate.

    Dell could have, back then, told me what TerryB has been saying and siad, hey, we hear you, we are sorry, we are looking at it. Here is a free Dell backpack, or a $50 discount on your next purchase, or a free keyboard.

    The route Dell took was to not listen and ignore the issue. This is the problem with Dell.

    Were I MSFT I would be pissed, because its their OS sales that ultimately get hurt.

  • Beta program participants typically aren't compensated, but they are informed that there may be problems, and they can offer their input to make the product better.  Not quite the situation here.  This laptop was put out as a finished product, and I don't recall reading anything about how the thing must be used on a flat surface, with the power brick on the same flat surface.  Because they wouldn't have sold nearly as many as they have sold, of course, if they had said that.  Now this is being represented as a design feature, that takes a lot of nerve, I'd say *smile*.

    What got me going on this was that I did have my laptop on a flat surface (dining room table), but I inadvertently bumped either the laptop itself or the plug on the cable when I was working, and it stopped charging.  The next time that I went to boot it up, it wouldn't start, the battery was fully discharged.  Since the power cord was plugged in, it took me a while to figure out why the battery wasn't charging (I finally wiggled the power plug, and it started charging).

    That was when I started to pay attention to this issue, that had never happened to me before with any computer, and it appeared to me to be broken.  Research showed that lots of people were having this problem, a certain number of people complained but were trying to live with it, and a certain number were just outraged about a design flaw that the manufacturer was calling a design feature.

    I'm in the outraged camp myself, having paid over $1000 for a laptop.  As I've already said, and will repeat this one more time, no more Dell computers for me.  There are plenty of other choices, and I'm happy to pay a little more for peace of mind and better quality. Voting with your dollars is what gets the message across the best with any company that takes their customers for granted.

  • Hello all.  I have been a long time Dell user (first lappy was i9300 many years ago).  I too have the same problem with my L702X where the cable just WONT stay plugged in for anything.  I contacted Dell chat support this morning, and they are dispatching a repair person with the bottom plastics, the DC-IN module and a new adapter to try and fix the issue.  Its my first service call to them, though I have owned the unit for 4 months now, this has been an issue since day one.  If nothing else, it will be nice to start a trail of repairs with Dell so that they may see how widespread the issue actually is.  

    I work in a large company that builds circuit boards and box-build final level assembly products for the medical industry, so I know how big of an issue it is for a company to change design on something they have sold millions of (even thousands of can be costly).  I see day to day uprevs of components and enclosures all the time, and I see how busy our RMA center continues to be also.  My company builds products FOR the manufacturers.  We build units and circuit boards that get sent to the vendor (HP, GE Medical, etc), and they then package the unit for sale to their customers.  We continuously monitor issues in our testing and build processes that allow the vendor to determine if there is a real need for a change.  Seeing a major change in a unit like this particular Dell build, well its just not very likely to happen.  We see units come back to us all the time that get the same repairs over and over again, yet the vendor doesn't want to change the product in any way to alleviate the flaws.

    Looking at the product from an engineering standpoint, its easy to see the problem.  Had Dell produced the DC-in module with a slight extension into the chassis with more 'fingers' to hold the adapter plug in, this would have never become a problem...  Comparing how the cable fits my E1705, its totally night and day.  The 150 watt brick and cable are super thick, not very flexible wiring but if I plug it into my 1705, it stays put and is very solid.

    I know I am only one person in a sea of users that don't complain about this type of thing, but Dell - PLEASE LISTEN.  This issue is not going to go away by itself, and it frustrates your userbase when we have to 'cut up' and modify components that SHOULD NOT have to be modified just in order to function the way the unit was intended.  Its not like all these people are looking for some kind of upgrade for their hassles - they simply want to use this product the way they intended to when they ordered it - nothing more.  Honestly, free goodies like laptop bags and the like are nice to have, but in all seriousness those things do not make the product work any better - they simply quiet people down who are YELLING for help.

    Thanks for listening.

    Michael Stockwell
    Manufacturing Supervisor

  • Another day, another tech,

    Today's tech was useless. He came to my house with a big box of stuff that dell sent out. As he opens it up we see its the motherboard, new power port and adapter. Before he begins he started to drill me on this issue and I explain to him whats going on. He says its basically dumb to change anything but the power port since nothing else has anything to do with that issue. I agreed since reading all of the dell tech fixes i figured that was useless since it had nothing to do with the actual power port. Anyway, the tech started to lecture me on how I should not charge my battery all the time and things like that, I argue back saying I like the performance and  I have a smaller laptop that I run on battery all the time. Once he got done with that lecture, he left. Did not even look at my laptop since nothing was going to change. The port he brought, I tested with the AC adapter and it felt looser than the one I got installed last week. Something I did not notice or realize on this thread was that all the parts are refurbs. I really do not like that at all, another reason I did not want him touching my motherboard since everything else works perfectly for me.

    So Dell will be calling me on Friday to check in on the work, that my friends will be a very interesting phone call, too bad I can't record it and post it on here.

  • For what it is worth I'm not purchasing this laptop based on what I've read here.

    Thanks all for posting. After a problem with a laptop I purchased that was perfect except a keyboard problem that would miss keystrokes I'm researching my next machine thoughly. I won't be touching anything with such a glaring problem.

    Dell you've just lost a sale.

  • Good for you...if I had known about this problem ahead of time, I would have been able to make the same decision.

  • Dell has solved this problem in the new XPS systems. How do I know?  I finally got Dell to build me a NEW computer.  Not a refurbished, or tech coming out and replacing with refurbished parts.  They built me a new XPS 17 702X.  The power cord does NOT fall out any more.  My old laptop even with the power cord mod it was getting loser and loser. And started to fall out even.  Do not settle for more replace the same part over and over again.  Refuse to settle for this treatment.  I am typing this message with the laptop in MY LAP!!! A laptop fails by definttion if you cannot use in on Your Lap[!


    I have the two latops sitting next to each other.  Night and day different! 


    Tim Burton


    God help the person that gets my "refurbished" laptop next.  Dell keeps passing the buck on to new users as refurbished laptops or parts.