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XPS 17 NEW adapter plug loose and falls out?!?!


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XPS 17 NEW adapter plug loose and falls out?!?!

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Recently purchased the XPS 17 laptop, and first thing I noticed when I plugged in the adapter is that there is entirely too much play, it flops down and has fallen out quite a few times already.  Have several other DELL laptops and those are still nice and tight even after years of use~ did they give me the wrong one??  I see no reason why a brand new plug/laptop should be this loose?


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  • There is a simple resolution. Dell has not provided the @malkboy explanation to it phone support, engineering, tech, Terry_B or its partners.

    Dell has not made an official statement regadring the design, the problem or a fix. Until then we can assume its a problem because we the customers don't like it.

    @melkboy - were it the case that this is the design to prevent the cost of replacing a motherboard, etc., then Dell should so say. As it is Dell has burdened the cost of replacing my XPS17 2x, sending me an XPS 15, providing a daughterboard repalcement, 3x a new powercord and my loyalty and business. I have BEGGED to peak to someone with knowledge and no one has come forward to make your explanation.

    @Terry_B has provided the best communication and there has been no communication from him to this effect.

    Its a bad design, Dell's intent was not to prevent damage from tripping. Dell is running away from its customers and this problem.

  •  Okay.. well, take it for what you will. I don't think Dell or any company has any obligation to tell the public why they designed something the way they did and the explaination I gave is something I was told about not this system but a different one which there had been a page on.  I don't see it now, but I'm not worried about that because I don't feel the need to prove what I can only ultimately say is a theory unless Dell out right says exactly what I said.

    Overall, I don't see this as a large issue because if you're using the system as designed (on a stable, flat surface with the AC adapter level with the system and no tension on the plug) it shouldn't be falling out of your system "suddenly" and if it is then you would be one of those people that I say has an honest issue.  However, bemoaning that your AC adapter falls out of the system repeatedly if you use it, let's say in your lap in bed with the AC adapter on the floor and the cable has so much tension that it tugs on the cord, isn't going to make me think there's a problem.  I don't know what category you fall in but obviously it's not fitting your needs and for that I apologize on behalf of Dell.

     But let me ask you this, because I noticed this problem the first week I got my XPS 17, did it not show up right away or did it gradually get worse?  I made a decision in my case that I could live with it but other people seem intent on blaming someone else for ultimately what was thier decision (the end user chooses, unpacks, uses the system and chooses not to return it during the return period.. )

    Terry W.

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  • ^^Not every desktop replacement have to sit on a desk. This is a LAPTOP and it is exactly what it is. People that buys 'desktop replacement' usually seek the comparable power, performance and capabilities of a standalone PC but at the same time they want the portability of a notebook. Owning a large laptop does not necessarily mean one is obliged to have it sit on a surface permanently. I have had many 17" laptops in the past and I have never for once had it sat in one place permanently other than on my lap (with a cooler pad of course). The beauty of having a laptop is to be able to use it comfortably anywhere other than confining yourself to a desk and chair all day and night. In my case, during the winter days I relax on the couch under the sheets and my XPS is sitting right on top, like how I'm using it now since the day I bought it.

    I would have to completely disagree with your analogy regarding how manufacturers are not standing behind their design flaws. Maybe for Dell, but my experience were somewhat different when I used to owned an HP Pavilion ZD7000 series 17" laptop. Now I'm not here advocating HP to be a better brand, but I did had a similar incident with the power issue. Shortly after the purchase, I realized that it was shutting off on me intermittently (I always remove the battery when using ac power). Many HP users were experiencing the same problem and had filed complaints. Within a few months, every Pavilion and ZD series laptop was being recalled for a faulty Power DC Connector Jack, and owners with the said models were ultimately replaced with a revised part under warranty.

    Dell is aware of this problem, but it seems like they are not doing much about it or couldn't solve the issue itself. The only remedy they have, or should I say "many different paths" they take to attempt to overcome this issue hasn't really solve anything. Now logistically speaking, I'm not sure if they realized that their spending expenditure of replacing unnecessary parts (and the many man-hours for onsite techs) which has little or no affect to solving the complaints. Rather, there is a simpler solution: is to have the vendors redesign both the 'jack' and the 'power cord/plug adapter' for recall as warranty.

    Since the day I been cursed with this flaw, my complaints were completely exhausted. I say 'cursed' because of the revived similar issue I previously had with the HP. Luckily for me, there is a solution (a 'fix' link buried somewhere in this thread and forum under my name). You can complain all you want but it won't help unless you do two or three things: 

    1. If you're under 21-days, return it for a refund

    2. Ask for a different AC Brick Adapter (130W instead 150w - because of the thinner gauged cable which reduces stress)

    You can apply one of the above solutions, or, Dell can send out a technician and do a merry-go-round 'fix' on your unit which (from what I read here) will not solve anything other than you coming back to report the same problem(s). As an XPS owner, we are all eagerly waiting if Dell will ever revise such parts for an 'official' fix -- and as long you're waiting, you have nothing to lose.

  • Power cords should not just fall out.

    This issue occurred since day one on each of the THREE XPS17s Dell has sent me. I have owned laptops since the 90s.

    While this laptop is well equipped and the most powerful laptop I have owned, having the power cord continually fall out is a massive concern and irritation.

    This forum post is for Dell XPS 17 customers who are concerned and irritated. If you are not, please do not post further.

    That is all.

  • This problem only seems to generate more and more people with the same issues. You would think Dell would recognize how this will hurt them in the long run. The next time I think about purchasing a Dell laptop, I will think twice. Desktops on the other hand are still my first choice, but for laptops, Dell has dropped. I feel everyone to has an issue with this power cord should be able to have something done about it. No where did it state online that the cord will come out so easily. But I think we should all face the fact that our XPS17s will not be fixed, unless we fix them ourselves. So far the most help we have gotten in here has been from 80sguy with his suggestions on how to fix this error. Too much time has passed already for Dell to actually do anything about it.

  • I just wanted to step in and go over points that I mentioned previously in this thread.


    The system is not designed to lock the AC adapter in place, if the notebook is not in a stable position and the cable is being pulled, it will fall out. If asked I assume that it was designed in this way to help stop accidental damage to the notebook and adapter if the AC adapter cable was tripped over or yanked out.

    This isn't saying though that the cable should just fall out by itself. There shouldn't be any play if you wiggle the cable in the socket. If there is then the socket may be defective or damaged. If there were not any accidents, the cable was yanked out of the system or tripped over then you may wish to have the system serviced.


    Let me repeat this

    The system is not designed to lock the AC adapter in place, if the notebook is not in a stable position and the cable is being pulled, it will fall out.

    This is how the system is designed.


    Now if you have the notebook still on a flat service and the AC adapter still on a flat service so that there is no tension on the cable between the power pack of the AC adapter and the notebook, it shouldn't lose a connection.

    If you have the AC adapter at such a distance from the notebook that there is tension on the cable, chances are is that you are going to lose the connection.

    If either the notebook or the AC adapter are being moved and the movement causes tension between the ac adapter and the notebook, chances are you are going to lose the connection.

    If the notebook is perfectly still, and the ac adapter is perfectly still and there is a lot of give in the cable and you still lose the connection... then that is a problem.  


    As a good test, place the notebook on a flat surface, a table or a desk.  Place the power pack on the same surface not far from the notebook and connect it to the notebook.  There should be plenty of room for the power cable to connect to a wall socket without pulling on the adapter.  Both the AC adapter and the notebook should be still.  Is the notebook able to detect the AC adapter correctly?  Is the AC adapter powering the notebook, or do you notice even though neither the notebook or AC adapter has been moved, the computer still fails to detect the AC adapter correctly?


    I understand how some of you may not like the design on the notebook, that you would prefer a notebook that allows you a little movement in your use of the notebook.  

    I am not an engineer, and I can't say why this decision was made, my guess it is to save damage caused to the notebook and AC adapter in case it was yanked while locked in the notebook.  This is a notebook that can have up to 3 GB of video ram, and has some of the most powerful processors available.  It’s going to have some design changes that are different then other notebooks.

    I know that engineering is still researching the issue.  They have captured systems from the field and are in the process or testing them.  I will post here once I receive further updates.



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  • Terry,

    I did not by a table-pc  I bought a LAPtop.  This by definition should function at 100% on my lap.  Very unfortunate that DELL has chosen to respond(not respond) in this way.  I cannot believe that I even just read that it is recommend that I keep the computer perfectly still and the adapter perfectly still in order for it to function as intended.  Sickening.

  • Terry

    As always, thanks for the feedback. I think for all of us experiencing this frustrating event, you are the only person with a conenction to Dell who is responsive.

    Let me say that the reasonsing behind the design is irrelevant. The facts which Dell are ignoring are as follows: 1) the power cord is poorly placed; 2) the powercord falls out too easy.

    As for the location, when using a laptop most users are not facing a power outlet, nor are they at the same height as the power outlet. Therefore, becasue the powercord is located int eh back of the laptop, no matter the stablity of the surface it will have tension applied to it bending left or right and up & down. The powercord is simply, not optimally placed for normal everyday laptop computer use.

    For instance, right now I am typing at my kitchen table. the power outlet is sightly behind me and to my left. the computer is at table height, the power outlet is nearer the floor. Therefore, even though I have the computer on a stable surface the power cord is falling out.

    I have other Dells that were far less expensive that have the power cord on the side. An optimal placement for normal usage.

    Even though the powercord is not designed to be locked into the laptop, it should have the tension to it which is similar to other Dell laptops - at the least. I have many Dell laptops. I have no way to scientifically measure the tension involved, however, my 10 year old laptop, now in the hands of my daughter has a stronger connection today - TEN YEARS LATER -  than my top of the line XPS 17. This is simply inexcusable on Dell's part.

    Furthermore, the fact that phone support has never provided any kind of explanation or reason for the issue (much less the ability to understand the issues) and the fact that its taken eight months to get an attempt at an explanation on this forum it is easy for any rational person to say that Dell has dropped the ball. This is why many on this forum are frustrated and are likely no longer Dell customers.

  • Dell came to my work today to do the repair. They replaced the inlet on the board and gave me a new power supply. The power supply had no difference in it. The DC module they replaced was about 15% more snug - I expect that to diminish in 2 months like my original one did.

    The tech showed me exactly what the problem is with extra plastic in the case now allowing it to fully engage when plugged in. He tried his best to make sure the sleeve that holds it in along with the screw were as tight as possible.

    So in conclusion, there is no good fix yet... although, the work he did to my laptop did *help*.

  • Say, this is an interesting reply..."I understand how some of you may not like the design on the notebook, that you would prefer a notebook that allows you a little movement in your use of the notebook."  That's really the point of a notebook computer, that it allows movement *smile*.  If I wanted a computer that doesn't allow movement, that would be a desktop, right?  A laptop is PORTABLE by definition.  The interchangable use of the word "laptop" with "notebook" on the Dell web site implies that these systems are made to sit in your lap.  Unless you're dead, your lap is going to move, for heaven's sake.  People have said over and over that they've had multiple laptops, and have never seen anything like a power cord that just falls out of the back of a laptop with normal use, and I strongly agree with this as well.  

    Terry, you can put all the words that you want around this design defect, call it a "design decision", call it what you will, I'm sorry, this is clearly a design defect for a laptop computer, and until Dell takes ownership of this, they're losing customers.  I know that at the moment, they've lost me as a customer, and these replies from a Dell "Liaison" aren't doing Dell any good what so ever.  Worst hemming and hawing I've ever seen, so transparent.  Believe it or not, Terry, there are other companies that make laptops where the cord doesn't fall out of the back of the computer when the conmputer is in one's lap undergoing normal usage.

  • Power cords do not "just" fall out, there would need to be movement or tension on the cord in order for it to come out of the DC in jack unless you honestly have one of those systems that is in need of attention and given you've said you had three different ones, I doubt that's the case.  

    This is obviously a case of the design of the system does not fit your needs and you are not happy about that.  I can understand your frustration but venting on myself, Terry from Dell, or Dell is not going to solve the issue you are having.  What's going to solve the issue is modifying how you use the solution until Dell determines if there is way they can resolve the issue and if they feel it's a big enough problem that they need to redesign/replace the dc input jack or AC adapter or bottom plastics.

    On a side note, this forum is for customers/supports/representatives of Dell to constructively try to resolve issues with Dell computer systems.  If you don't like what I have to say, I'm sorry but I'm just as entitled to read and post here as anyone else.

    Terry W.

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  • The power cord does "just fall out". Do not comment on this issue if you are not having an issue like the rest of us. Your constant "lord of the Dell forums" is rather annoying since you constantly say "No I'm right and your wrong". It's great you don't have this problem, let the rest of us get our problem FIXED since apparently you HAVE NO problem. It's simple, cord just falls out whether the laptop is sitting in my LAP or on a desk just typing this causes the cord to jiggle out. It does not fit well at all, if it slides out even the tiniest bit the charging stops.

    We have a problem you don't, obviously Dell knows there is a problem because their engineers are looking into it. So shut up about "not being a problem" genius.

  • So as a sidebar for everyone who's been saying well I purchased a laptop and not a desktop or that the system should be portable.  It is portable, you can use it in your lap and you can take it to remote locations.  The only limitation due to the power cord being easier to come out is that you have to use the system on a stable surface while charging which you don't have to do all the time.  And I can guarantee you that's the conditions that EVERY laptop system is tested in with the possible exceptions for any ruggedized system.  

    Terry W.

    “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.” - Edgar Allan Poe

  • It is portable but some machines (like mine) have high end hardware in it. It doesn't run at it's full potential whenever battery gets low or while in battery mode in general. Thus inhibiting performance, I need it to be portable cause I have disabilities but that doesn't mean I want the cord to keep falling out just by typing on the keyboard. I understand the problem with having a locking cord but there is also a problem when I have to figure out ways of keeping the cord in like wrapping it around something so it won't fall out.

    It's not a problem with the power cord being "easier" to come out, it's a problem with the power cord FALLING out. There is little to no resistance whatsoever holding the cord in thus any movement around the laptop causes the cord to just fall out. Like I said, I can sit here typing and it will cause the cord to fall out. I have been working on computers for 20 years, this is not "normal" and this is NOT right. I don't know why you keep coming in here bashing all of us with a problem that you have never experienced. It makes no sense whatsoever. Like I said and will keep saying, let us be, this doesn't concern you obviously. Dell knows it's a problem, let us get this fixed peacefully.

  •  So, looking back at my prior posts, I'm not sure if something I said was misinterpreted as being that nobody is having a problem with thier system.  I've read and talked to some other people with this system.  There are some people who have legitimate concerns and they should be addressed.  There are also people posting who have been told why the system was designed the way it was, have been told how the system was designed to be utilized, and have chosen to spew out vitroil about Dell as well myself (because I hold an opposing opinion not on the issue existing, but of Dell's obligation to fix it)

     If you take my opinion as me saying "no you're wrong" then I apologize if you feel that I've discounted how you feel.  I do have an XPS 17 and the AC adapter jack on mine does fall out (on all 3 adapters and the 2 different XPS 17 systems I've had).  Do I feel I can help Dell in getting a resolution for the issue?  Sure, if it's a big enough issue that they feel they need to redesign the parts to fix it.  If not, I've learned to adjust around it.  Not every product is going to fit the every need of every person so someone is always going to be unhappy.

    Terry W.

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