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E6320 + U2711 = not working with full resolution


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E6320 + U2711 = not working with full resolution

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Hi everybody,

i received a brand new E6320 two days ago and was very happy in the first moment but I use the following settup at my office which doesnt work as expected:

Laptop + Docking station + U2711

My problem is that cant increase the resolution to the maximum of 2560 x 1440

Using the DVI cable received with the LCD I can select up to 1680Pixel
Using a miniHDMI to HDMI cable I can select up to 1920Pixel
Using a VGA cable I can select up to 2048Pixel

It doesnt make a difference if I plug it directly into the laptop or into the docking station...

HW Details: I7 2620M + 8GB + SSD Vertex 3 + everything else what was available...

At the moment I'm very unsatisfied as nobody from the support team could really help me...I'm talking to them since two days without any solution...
If you have any ideas please let me know!

Thanks in advance

P.S. Returning the device is no possibility, isnt it???

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  • Sorry for replying to my own question but i can't believe that nobody in the community has a new Latitude to verify if this is a general problem with the device or a specific one with my configuration/setup.

    Thanks for every help!

  • Alex,

    I don't have a 6320 but a 6420 with the docking station and a U2711 and at first I had the same problem but after a few tries and a look for info I found a solution.

    The issue lies with the maximum resolution supported by the connection (cable) to the monitor:

    - with vga is 2048x1152

    - with hdmi seems to be 1920x1080

    - with dvi seems to be higher than 1080p but lower than the U2711 native resolution (I can't rememeber the exact number)

    - with displayport you can achieve the U2711 maximum resolution of 2560x1440

    I found the displayport cable in the U2711 box even though at first I thought it was an hdmi cable (they are similar); you should have it as well. I connected it to the port below the dvi port (one of the two) of my docking station and to the only port on the monitor and it allowed me to go to max resolution.

    Still I don't know if it will apply to you as the 6420 has two graphic cards (intel hd and nvidia) while the 6320 has only the intel hd onboard graphic and when I use the external monitor connected to the dock it always uses the nvidia.

    I will be interested to know if it has worked for you as I am thinking to buy a 6320 or perhaps the forthcoming 6220 because of size and I would like to use it with the dock and the U2711.

    I hope it helps.



  • Hello Carlo,

    thanks for your answer. A little to late for me but hopefully it can help others. I already returned the screen as the DELL support couldn't help and also told me that the DisplayPort at my Dockingstation will not help getting the full resolution...

    Br, Alex