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Small water spill on keyboard

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Yesterday, I accidentally spilled a little bit of water on the left side of my keyboard. It wasn't a whole lot, just a few drops that apparently got under the keys. My laptop started acting as if I was holding down the 'm' key even though I wasn't, so I shut it off and took out the battery. I let it dry for a day and when I tried to boot it up recently, it is still acting like I'm holding down that key. At the loading screen it starts dinging because it thinks the key is being pressed, so it wont go any further. It seems fine aside from that, so I'm hoping those few little drops come in contact other hardware.

I've read on some sites about taking the laptop keyboard apart to dry, but I'm a bit wary of that. I know my warranty has already expired, so I have nothing to lose there but I don't want to chance damaging it more if it isn't a good fix for my problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The laptop's brand is a Dell Studio XPS, if that helps with anything. Thanks!

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  • You're going to need to replace the keyboard.