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Dell Battery Meter

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I have new Inspiron laptop. The battery meter was working OK but then starting showing " No Battery is Detected" even though the battery is working. How can I get the battery meter to see the battery again?

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  • PMSPJones

    When posting, please include the model of computer and what version of Windows you are using.  You may find my sticky for power issues to be of some help, it is located using the following link.

    So with the AC adapter disconnected from the system will the notebook power up with battery only?   A lot of Dell batteries have a battery test built into the battery itself.  Look on the battery for a series of five LEDs next to a small button.  if you press the button does any of the LEDs light up? 

    Have you been in the BIOS screen,  start the system by tapping F2 will get you into the BIOS, what are the battery settings there?

    For more information on Dell batteries please take a look at the following FAQ


    Please, shoot a reply with what you have found out and what version of notebook that you are using.




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  • Thanks Terry

    The model is an Inspiron N5010 running Windows7 Home.  The issue has now self-corrected.

    I didn't describe it well in the first post as the battery and charger all seemed to be working OK at was just that the battery icon at the bottom left of the screen had a red cross through it indicating it couldn't read the battery charge and display it. However, as I said earlier it just came back on and is indicating the charge fine now.

    Thanks for the URL for your blog and the Q&A.  I will keep an eye on them for future issues.


  • I am happy to hear that your notebook is working correclty.  Please keep the forums in mind if you have any further issues with the notebook.



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  • I have Dell Inspiron M5040 and i want to know one thing that when i recovered my notebook fro recovery after that the option in dell battery meter 'dell extended battery life' in that no option is coming like'put the computer on power saver' and like 'change view to home basic' , so i want to know how can i take them back.

    i have windows 7 home premium .  

    and one more thing after recovery my all library are hidden . i can only see them when i chose option show hidden files .

    So how can i make them not hidden.

    one more thing i want to ask that after recovery all games are not coming on full screen.

    please help me