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D630 boot up failure


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D630 boot up failure

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The D630 has been running pretty well since it was bought in 2007, warranty ran out last year.

The machine has inexplicably decided not to boot any more. When running through 'normal' start, it shows the green progression line and nothing else. The HDD light on the console runs for a time then stops. All activities were performed under AC power.

I have tried to boot-up through 'Safe Mode', but that seems to stop at the point that it looks for the HDD to kick in. Whether that is a software glitch or not, its difficult for me to say.

I have also run the Diagnostic programme (under F12) and that closes the machine down after a few minutes, possibly at the same point as the 'Safe Mode' above.

My feeling is that the HDD has failed and boot up is no longer available through that source, or the software is corrupted and stops the boot up process.The effect is pretty much the same, but I would hate to lose all the files on the HDD. Can I download boot up files to a memory stick/CD and run that instead?

If hardware failure is the case, I will have to buy a new HDD for it, preferably with the software installed (I got no Vista recovery discs when supplied by Dell initially). I don't know if Dell will provide these disks, if requested.

Any other assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • You are probably right about the hard drive. Order the installation disks HERE.