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Alienware m11x r1

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Can i change my hardware? i'd like to buy a new intel core i5 and 8gb of ram from dell.  

If i open my alie-nware i will lose garancy? and can i muont the same cpu i5 as the alienware m11x r2? or i need a new motherboard?

My actual configuration is cpu: su4100 1.3 ghz  2gb of ram  gt335m  and i'd like to have cpu: intel core i5, 8gb of ram and i will keep the gt335m

can somebody tell me if i can send back my laptop to dell so they can upgrade my pc or maybe send back m11 r1 and buy m11x r2 at cheaper price?

Last Question what cpu's are compatible with my motherboard?

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  • The CPU in this model is soldered to the system board - it cannot be removed for upgrade.  The board from the R2 has a different layout and won't fit the chassis from the R1. 

    If you want the R2, you will need to sell the R1  yourself and purchase the newer system - there is no "trade-in" allowance.