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Inspiron M301Z Integrated webcam not working, missing driver


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Inspiron M301Z Integrated webcam not working, missing driver

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I just bought a Dell netbook Inspiron M301Z, but the driver for the integrated webcam is missing. I have tried downloading two different drivers, but neither of them work after installation.

The webcam is not automatically detected by Windows 7 (64bit), and manually searching also doesn't bring the solution!

Even further, the PC doesn't have a CD / DVD drive, so it's also not an option to have some sort of support disk...


Can someone please help?!

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  • Sorry, no solution, but I too have exactly the same problem as you so would be very interested when a solution is provided please.



  • I tried looking for some more solutions. The driver on the website is missing, and also installing other integrated webcam drivers from Dell isn't providing the solution.


    Unfortunately this hasn't been really helping. I can't imagine there are laptops delivered with a webcam, which do not have a driver (, even further since the only OS this is delivered on is Windows 7...)

  • Short update: No luck yet, I called the Dell Techical Support, and they sent me the CD that should contain the driver, I installed the Webcam Central (v1.4), but it's not working still.

    Does anybody have any other tips/trics?

  • Still no luck here...

    Other than just sending out the driver  did they not offer any suggestion as to why the webcam doesn't appear under imaging devices in Device Manager?

    Would you also be so kind as to send me the webcam central driver please?