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Vostro 1500 Battery Problem (Plugged in, not charging)


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Vostro 1500 Battery Problem (Plugged in, not charging)

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hey guys,

 I have a dell vostro 1500 laptop since 4 years ago. Recently its charger -a 90 watt one- went wrecked so I plugged in a 65 watt one to provide temporal power with my laptop. At the first time, a warning message alerted that the power supplied didn't suit the battery and charging might take longer than normal. I accepted it and the message never showed up as I pressed F3 to avoid appearing it every time I would start my laptop. I had my charger repaired and when I plugged it in I hovered the pointer on the battery icon on task bar I noticed it was "plugged in, not charging". I looked for information on how to fix the problem but I found less. My laptop gets charged as I plug in that 65 watt battery though! Anyway, is there any special setting to make it work?? 


Thanks ahead,


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  • Have you ever replaced the battery? 4 years old is ancient for batteries. Remove it and use just the adapter alone. If it runs ok replace the battery or just always use the adapter. You might even try the 90 watt one alone--it could have been a battery failure, not the charger's. Read the sticky at the top of the forum for more about batteries.

  • The chargers are not really repairable; it probably was not fixed at all. If everything id OK with the 65 watt supply and the battery is being charged, buy another supply. You can get these on-line for less than Dell charges, but make sure it's a "genuine Dell".

    There is a setting in the BIOS to shut off the warning.

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  • hey Mary G,

     Thanks for your quick answer. My battery works normally with that 65w charger. But when I plug in my 90w one it's "plugged in, not charging". This refers that my battery is ok. I guess since I connected a supply not the same as the default one so the battery should have altered itself to a new modified state e.g., a state of working with a 65w power supply. My question is how can I restore it to work with my 90w battery? 

  • hey KirkD,

     Thanks for your answer. My charger wire had been cut and I got it repaired but its whole system is working well as its GREEN light is on when I provide it with electricity -or a plug appears next to battery icon as I join the charger . Please take a look at my reply to Mary G!

    Best Regards,


  • Hello, new to this... My laptop will not charge the battery, but somehow while it's plugged in it doesn't charge, but it keeps it from going dead right away... The battery is new... The chargers are new... it won't work at all with battery removed and charger plugged in... new battery last week  79%  now 71%  and shows that it is discharging, if i unplugged adapter ever it would be dead for good like my other one in a matter of a few hours... What to do???   Dell laptop 3 years old,   sincerely sonnydays86

  • i have Dell Vostro 1500 i had the charging problem after 5 years after i bought it After this problem i thought my battery died thats why i purchased battery then i saw its not about battery but my charger was working at least i saw the green led light on the charger which shows you charger is working Yes that is mistake Even you see the light on charger it could be defective My charger was giving wrong voltages so it wasnt charge my battery It gives you enough voltage for run the laptop but No Charges Then i found 2 charger one is replacement charger not original the other charger is original I pluged the both chargers and i saw both of them worked So with my experience i highly recommend you to buy Charger