How to Format My New Laptop N5010 (Inspiron)


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How to Format My New Laptop N5010 (Inspiron)

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I have just received my New Dell INSPIRON N5010, and I want to make several partitions on my Hard Disk.


Detail of my Laptop

  1. OS : Windows 7 (Basic) Home Edition 
  2. Hard Drive: 500GB (They created a single Drive: C) 

Now I want to Format my hard disk & Make 5 Equal partition of 100GB each. Moreover, I want dual booting process also. (Windows XP & Windows 7) Due to few reasons i want to install both the OS. 

I tried to install windows XP but after reading few files "Blue Screen Error Occurred"

Please Help.. :(((((



Best regards

Sandeep Papreja





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  • Note:  There WILL NOT be a complete set of drivers available for XP - you will have to settle for partial functionality at best.  If you must run XP, upgrade to 7 Pro or Ultimate and use XP Mode under Windows 7.


  • Thanks for your important reply..!! 


    Ok leave Windows XP..!!  Now my question is. How can i make 100 GB (5 Equal Partition) without Formating the drive. I tried the "SHRINK Volume" Option but it shrink Maximum upto 2,23,GB approx... but i want 100GB Each....!!


    Best Regards

    Sandeep Papreja



  • No.... Answer.. .hmmmmm..!!