Dell N5010 inspiron Battery (plugged in , not charging)


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Dell N5010 inspiron Battery (plugged in , not charging)

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Hi everyone

i recently purchased DELL N5010 INSPIRON, but now it give one problem. It is not run without AC power. and when i point the battery through mouse it show

"17% available (Plugged in, Not Charging).

and battry light flashing 4 times with orange light after a second. It is the bug or any hardware problem, becuase the bettery may be only 2 month old.

I search on the web, but found fake solution which is not applying to solve it.

If any one have a solution then i appreciated it before solving this one.


Thanks and Appreciated in Advace.

Haq Nawaz


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  • The adapter, battery or mainboard need replacement - call Dell for warranty service.



  • also my DEL N5010 have same problem, what can I do ?

  • I've changed the adapter wit a new one from hama with the same characteristics but also the message are the same and the baterry not charging.

    Please help me !!!!!!!

  • Seems pretty simple then doesn't it? If it's not the's most likely your battery. Hopefully you're still under warranty so they can tell you that your warranty doesn't cover your battery, I just had the similar issue with a Studio XPS. My battery lasted 3 years..not the greatest life ever..but far from the worst. Replace your battery and it will fix your problem, if not, you have a main board issue that will need to be fixed. But my bet is that it is your battery. 

  • I have a dell N5010 laptop but i cant find the dell dock in it, it is running windows 7

  • I had the same problem with my dell inspiron 5010. The problem is most likely with the connector on the back of the laptop. There are 3 type of connectors, +19.5v, ground and sense.

    I resolved it by bending the pins towards outside leaving the center pin (sense) free.

  • i just have the same problem, and i rezolve it by cleaning battery 's pins of dust

  • Can you please further help me out by providing a picture telling which pin to bend?


  • Dear jawadamin3,

     The attached images are the best I could generate. Please try to free the x2 center sense pins from the x4 +19V around them.


  • Sorry, I have tried to use "Use Rich formatting" to upload the images without success.

    Any one knows what the condition for uploading an image is.


  • you can simply upload the images to website such as and give the links here.


  • Please find below the links to the two images.

  • I know this was an old post but this just happened to me. In my case I just followed the dell support on their web site, I was very sceptible but it worked. You just unplug the power adapter from the wall socket and laptop and power down laptop, wait about 30 seconds. I took my battery out aswell, I then reambled and pluged every thing in again and restarted the laptop and it worked the battery is now recognised and charging. This is worth doing first as it saved me alot of time and money from the other alternative solutions. I hope it works for you.

  • my laptop was working perfectly till yesterday and suddenly i got a message saying plugged in (Not charging)

    i tried cleaning the battery but it didnt work either