Inspiron N5030 Laptop - No Bluetooth Upgrade


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Inspiron N5030 Laptop - No Bluetooth Upgrade

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I recently a bought a N5030 laptop. The product descripton states 'no bluetooth upgrade' however I now want bluetooth.

What is the best way to do this?


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  • Installing the internal card requires significant disassembly - and remember, any damage won't be covered by warranty:

    If the system is brand new you can send it back and re-order with the bluetooth option.  If you want to install it yourself, this is the card:


    The easier way is to use a USB adapter:

    For example,

    These are so small now they can be left permanently attached - they protrude very little from the system and require no disassembly to install.

  • Many thanks for the advice ejn63. It's much appreciated.