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Cursor Randomly Clicks

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For the past few weeks, my cursor has randomly started clicking without even touching my mouse or touchpad. At first, I thought it was my mouse as it was quite a few years old, however, I got a brand new mouse and the problem is still happening and it's very hard to type when my mouse randomly clicks off of the area where I'm typing or if it's hovering in the paragraph above the current one, clicks there and I start typing in the middle of something I've already written. I've run AVG and Malewarebyte's Anti-Maleware and they come up clean, so it's not a virus that's causing this. I'm at my wit's end about this; the problem comes and goes, but when it's really acting up I can barely type two words without it spazzing out. I have a Dell Laptop, Inspiron 1720 with Windows Vista. Please help, thanks!

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  • Hi Chelsea724,

    Welcome to the Community. Update your Touchpad drivers using the below link.

    I would normally disable my touchpad if I am using an external mouse. You can disable that by clicking on start, control panel, and mouse, click on the Dell Touchpad Image with the big arrow, click on device select, put a check mark on " Disable Touchpad/Pointing Stick when external mouse is connected ", click on apply and then Ok.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • Hi Royan,

    Thanks for helping me, but I wasn't able to do either of the things you suggested. When I go to the link you provided to update my Touchpad drivers, I click on download, save the file to my laptop, but when I double-click on it to run the update I get an error that says: "There are no files to download. Please go to Drivers and Downloads to select file(s)" and then the program closes and won't allow me to do anything else.

    As for disabling the touchpad, I went to start, control panel and clicked on mouse, but there is no Dell Touchpad Image with the big arrow to click on. The only options that come up with the mouse window are: Buttons, Pointers, Pointer Options, Wheel and Hardware, and none of the tabs has the option to " Disable Touchpad/Pointing Stick when external mouse is connected ".

    Please help. :(

  • Oh, never mind! After searching around on that sit you gave me, I found how to fix my download problem, downloaded it which allowed me to turned off my touchpad and so far I've been able to type just fine! Thank you so much Royan, you're seriously my hero. Now I can get back to writing! :)