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Help please with my Inspiron 1545- 'internal hard disk drive not found, no bootable devices'


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Help please with my Inspiron 1545- 'internal hard disk drive not found, no bootable devices'

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hi all, i read a few posts on here but they came to no help.

SImply, now when i start my laptop, i get the following message:


'internal hard disk drive not found

to resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive.

no bootable devices--strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility

Press f5 to run on board diagnostics'


 This appeared over nothing which i found rather odd

I have information on my laptop i would really like to backup, then reformat if needed


Please help asap


Many thanks all

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  • Did you try reseating the drive?  (Remove and reinstall it).

    If it's then found, run a full diagnostic (F12 at powerup).  If it's not found after you reseat it, it's toast - if you need the data back, you will need to contact a data recovery service - Drive Savers is pre-eminent (but expect a couple of thousand dollars in costs to recover the data).

    If you CAN see the drive but not boot from it, remove it, Mount it in a 2.5" external drive case and attach it to a working system to see what you can recover yourself.  Note:  this will ONLY work if the system can see the drive.  If it cannot, you will need a data recovery service.


  • thankyou for the reply.

    I did take it out and put it back in but no use.

    SO if i push f12, what should i be looking for to see if the harddrive can be read?


    My laptop is still in warrantly with curries, could i get it repaired?



  • Press F2 at powerup to see if the hard drive is detected.  If it is, proceed with mounting it externally and see what you can recover.

    if it's not, it's toast as far as home recovery.

    The drive will be replaced under warranty - but data recovery is at your expense.  The warranty does not cover that.


  • thankyou very much for your help, sorry im a newby.

    So say ive just clicked F2 while stsrting up, it brings you to that screen, what do i look at now to see if my hard drive is being detected?


    Many thanks indeed

  • Under "drives" you should see an entry that identifies the make and model with the capacity of the drive.  If you do not see it, or it's listed as "not installed", the drive is toast.


  • thanks for the reply, still having a little trouble.


    What i see on this page is the following (each i can click and open more options)


    System Config




    Power Management

    Post Behavour




    So which should i open?


    Many thanks indeed


  • The drive should show up under "general"


  • hi there, i have clicked General, it now shows 'system information' but what should i be looking at please?


    Many thanks indeed,

    kind regards,



  • You're looking for the entry for the hard drive - I can't go further since I do not have your specific system.  It will be listed under "drives" or "boot devices" -- if the drive IS recognized you'll see it.  If it's not you'll see "not installed" or "unknown" -- the latter meaning the drive is toast.


  • thanks for the reply,


    Under the General tab are the following options:


    System infop

    boot sequene



    I clicked boot sequence and it shows me a list of diskette drive, internal hdd, usb storage drive, cd/dvd/cd-rw drive and last of all onboard NIC.

    All are ticked apart from the onboard NIC

    The order appears as this to the left of what i have just listed


    -Internal HDD

    -Diskette Drive

    -USB Storage Device

    -CD/DB/CR-RW Drive


    Just to let you know i habe a Dell Inspiron 1545 LAPTOP


    Many thanks for the help

  • Saying that, under system Information, i can see 'Primary Hard Drive, next to it, it says NONE.

    Does that mean toast :/



  • I have the same computer and same problem did you find out how to fix it?

  • You need a new, 2.5", 9.5 mm or slimmer, SATA notebook drive.

  • Has anybody figured this out yet? Am having the exact same problem?

  • Yeah, I had it sent back to dell where they fit a new hard drive.

    That was the only way I believe.