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STMicroelectronics 3-Axis accelerometer

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I have a new Inspiron Duo just a month old.  Last week the accelerometer stopped working and I received a message on start up advising me to turn it on in the control panel.  Of course, when I looked it was turned on so I phoned support who kindly took over my computer via the web and carefully reset the system to factory settings, it started working again.  I have now spent 18 hours reinstalling software and testing settings.  All was fine till three hours ago then suddenly it dropped out again and the accelerometer doesn't work.  I can't keep on affecting a factory reset, there is not enough time left in my life to keep reinstalling software each week.

Has anyone come across this problem? and can anyone tell me why it might have happened and how to prevent it happening again?

If it happens again it's going back whence it came!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi Clive,

    Welcome to the Community. Have you tried updating the driver off the support site? Please update the driver using the below link.

    Hope this helps

    Thank you


  • Thanks for your reply Royan.

    After installing the new driver, which was quite painless, the situation has not changed and the accelerometer still does not work.  

    If I open task manager it shows the accelerometer as running.

    If I look in the control panel - location and other sensors - the accelerometer has now dissapeared from the list and, therefore, cannot be enabled or disabled.

    If I look in device manager under the general tab, device status it says - 'this device cannot start code 10'.

    So all in all a wasted exercise.  What next I ask?


  • The solution has been found!!!

    When I installed the drivers, as I described in my previous post I was careful to restart the computer after the driver instal software had removed the drivers and again after reinstalling the new ones.  In fact I restarted after the reinstal more times than were necessary out of pure frustation and disdain considering the operation had failed miserably

    I shut down the computer in disgust, pushed it into my suitcase and shot off for the weekend.  Arriving at the hotel I fired up the computer in an attempt to use the hotel's network to deal with some emails and to my delight was greeted by a pop up screen telling me that the computer was ready to instal the 3-axis accelerometer.  After I had clicked 'yes please'  it did just that.  I had to restart one time more and there it was in all its glory flipping round in any direction according to how I oriented the machine. 

    I think the lesson I have learned from this episode is that I can not always rely on a simple restart to install drivers.  While some are content to register without booting from a cold start this one wasn't.  It requires that the computer is shut down after installing the driver instal.  

    The technician who first attempted to reinstal these drivers obviously wasn't aware of this otherwise he wouldn't have carried out a factory reset on the computer.

    The last advice from Dell in this thread did not mention shutting down the computer after reinstalling the drivers so I spent a good deal of time steadilly increasing my blood pressure whilst endevouring to carry out the task and believing that the process had failed.

    So, a lesson has been learned not just for me but for Dell.  Future advice should include an instruction to shut down the computer after carrying out the driver instal. 

    So many of us users are not sufficiently techy by nature to work this thing out on our own so please give us all the information we need to enable us to complete these tasks correctly.

    Kind regards and thank you to Dell for helping..............................Clive


  • Thanks for the cold reboot tip.  It did the trick for me to.  It was really frustrating!

  • I'm glad someone else has had the same problem.  I find that one in 10 times I restart the computer the drivers have dropped out again and I get the error message.  It is a constant and ongoing problem. Fortunately, when it does happen a cold boot appears to rectify the situation.

  • Mine stop working a while ago. Reinstalled the drivers and start getting a net.framework error pop-up saying that an error occurred while starting the driver... Tried to update the framework, reinstall the drivers again, but no luck. Can't find a fix for the auto-screen rotation.

  • I know the exact cause of the problem and the proper solution as well, but I am not going to tell you. It is a shame that Dell lets the situation in this CHAOS. I am a small engineer in a small country, a poor guy, and it's another shame that how many incompetent customer service guys sitting at Dell, when I am starving for real! Sad

    You must know, that big fat companies may receive the customer service from Dell they deserve, but we - home users - all are just small points on the customer services' statistic graphs, so you better never expect anything. You think you receive attention? You wrong, or at least not until you buy a $1500 business laptop... Angry

    I am really sorry guys from my true heart, but I am not gonna tell this Mammoth the solution for free. I have to solve these kind of problems all day, without any help from Microsoft, HP, or Dell at all.

  • Btw. hey you at HR at Dell! I am looking for a very good job with true competention where I can help you help customers FOR REAL. I swear in case someone hear my voice I WILL tell the solution at once!

  • DodgerFan101 asked what's the point of my post, because it does not help users, and why I am so selfish?

    You are right in a point of view. But please remember: if I tell the solution, Dell is gonna sit relaxed just like before. My point is to inform you about what Dell does, and how simple the solution is. I think as they read this, they MUST really sorry for all the inconvenience THEY DID, and force them to DO something now. I hope this will be THE REAL solution that helps us for real now and later as well.

  • This link is broken!!!

  • I have this problem right now, any help appreciated.

  • If you read my post from earlier in the thread then you will have the only answer I have.  The situation with the STMicroelectronics 3-Axis accelerometer  on my computer is unchanged.  When you get the message telling you that the accelerometer is not working turn the computer off and do a clean boot and the problem will go away.  Restarting the computer will not work, you need to turn it off.... Clive

  • Thanks Clive.

    To simplify, for anyone else having such problems. Install driver and then 'Shut down' your PC and then restart to check the driver in Control Panel > System Security > Action Center > Maintenance. Do Not 'Restart' post install.

    All the best. 

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  • Hello Royan,

    The URL provided here seems broken. Can you please suggest the correct URL?