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dell physical wireless interface unavailable


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dell physical wireless interface unavailable

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I have a dell 5010 laptop.

In the icon list I have an icon red antena with the error:

"PeerNet: Local area connection 2

physical wireless interface unavailable"

Why is this? what is this interface and why it become unavailable?



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  • First question to ask, are you able to get online?  If this is correct, you can probably remove the PeerNet network altogether.

    When you right click on the wireless icon on the taskbar you should have the option to open 'Network and sharing center".  You can also find it in control panel under Network and Internet.   Once in Network and Sharing click on manage wireless networks.  Do you see PeerNet listed there?  If it is not your home network you can simply right click on it and click Remove Network.

    If it turns out that Peernet is your home network then the following links give basic instructions on connecting to networks.  The first is for wired networks.

    This link is for wireless networks.


    One other thing I found while researching the problem is a software company named Peernet that specialized with document conversion.  If you have used them in the past and have their software you may find further help from them at the following link


    I hope that this helps.




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  • Hi,

    I've had a similar problem and here is how I've fixed it on Windows 7: Go to "Network and sharing center" and from the upper left side links pick "Change Adapter Settings" and there you will find all your created connection. Now just find your "Wireless Network Connection"  and from context menu choose "Enable".

    I hope this will help you.

  • Hi,

    I recently picked up an Inspiron N7010 & PeerNet is kicking out the exact same msg as the OP. 

    Please correct me if I am wrong but I think PeerNet is saying the hardware required to get this Physical Wireless Interface going is not present?

    If you go to Network Connections & look @ Local Area Network Connection 2 it says the "Network Cable is unplugged for Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter" - whatever Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter is?  I went to their website & it wasn't an easy 3 minute explanation.

    The easiest fix is just to disable Local Area Connection 2.   Then PeerNet goes away.

    The only Ethernet port I have is assigned to Local Area Connection (#1).  Which is an Atheros AR8152 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller & it works perfectly.


    If anyone can explain what  PeerNet /  Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter is that would be great!



    sorry in advance if I hijacked this thread.

  • i use window 8pro os on my 5520 ispiron dell provides brodcom software for wireless driver when install at a time peernet working and show icon in notification of taskbar but now turn on laptop it does not show in notification in taskbar.i try to see in control panel notification it staes that wtht icon of peer net:"local area connection peernet connection unavailable" under that DW WALAN Card Wireless Network Tray Applet.i also check in Administrative tool/services/peernet running.and task manager status also show it is running of its( group,name ,identity). but it does not show snotification
    plz give me tachnique for showing it and working properly technique

    thanks for proper supporting and technique of solving other problem
  • daemoncycler
    If anyone can explain what  PeerNet /  Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter is that would be great!

    hi daemoncycler, 

    I use a Dell 5520 and Peernet came installed with it. Peernet is a application that makes your laptop work like a hotspot. (all android phones have this feature). Using peernet you can share your internet connection with other people over wi-fi through your laptop. This is really useful if you don't have a router at hand and want to share your internet connection. The laptop behaves like a wifi router and creates a wireless network to which multiple devices can connect. eg: if you have a USB dongle through which you connect to the internet and you are at a cafe with friends and you want them to use your internet connection too then you enable peernet and let others connect to it.