I recently got my new Alienware M17x-R2 laptop. Nice piece of hardware but some issues.

First of all I had to reinstall Windows 7 64 bits from scratch as the Dell partition was corrupted as was the Dell Recovery image for the system. All useless, so I had to wipe the entire hard disk.

But that is not the issue, I reinstalled Windows 7 with the installation disk, downloaded and installed all the drivers for my laptop from the Dell website and all goes well except for two things which I cannot get fixed somehow.

First of all is the Gigabit LAN wired networkcard. I installed the drivers correctly, the card is detected but each time I switch on the laptop and windows starts I'm finding myself without a network connection. When I check the network card in the Windows Network Connection Center it indicates that the network cable is unplugged, while ths is not true, the cable is connected to the laptop and to the router on the other end of the cable.

The only way to get connected is to manually disable and enable the card in windows once or several times. This happens all the time. After doing this, I'm connected to the network.

Are there other people with this issue and how to get this fixed? This is really annoying. On the other hand, when I start up the laptop in opensuse linux, the network card operates correctly and is always connected when the laptop is started. So it has to be some sort of a driver issue in windows 7??


The second problem I'm having is the AlienFX light effect that is not working on the touchpad. When I switch on the laptop I can see it lighting up but as soon as windows starts it switches off. Even in the Alien Command Center I cannot switch it on. I can give it a color just like the keyboard and the rest of the system, but it just doesn't lit up. I know it's not broken because I see it going on and off at startup.

This is not a major issue, but I wonder why this is happening on a laptop that costs more than €3000!!!

Thanks for helping me out, especially with that silly network issue.