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Inspiron duo not auto rotating


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Inspiron duo not auto rotating

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Hi all


I am having a problem with a new inspiron duo which i have only had for a few days now.  The display does not auto rotate anymore. It was doing it for the first few days, and now nothing. I have tried toggeling the auto rotation setting with no success.

I think it may have started after I clicked the rotate screen option in the windows mobility setting. Since then it will not auto rotate.


I would appreciate any help.




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  • I have actually managed to sort this problem out. After messing around with the services tab in  msconfig, On the general tab i noticed that selected start up was selected. Changing that to normal star tup fixed the problem. I must have disabled a service or something.

  • Thanks for the directions on that Gary.  I was having the same problem and that fixed it right up!


  • I have the same problem with the screen not rotating between landscape and protrait view when in tablet mode.  I have checked the general tab on the msconfig screen and the start up is normal.  Does anyone have any other solution?

    Frustrating that this is not working.


  • Hi xJLS


    Have you by any chance unistalled the Accelerometer-Magnetometer  program by STMicrotronics. If you have then a reinstall may fix that problem.

    To check if the program is running, in the task manager you should see a program called PopUp_DM.exe in the list. I believe that this is the program resposible for the auto rotation.

    Also check the in msconfig, on the services tab, you should have PopUp_DM by STMicrotronics checked.


    Hope this helps.


  • Gary

    Thanks for the response.  I think this may be the problem.  PopUp_DM.exe is definitely not running and I cannot find that file on my system.  I do recall a question about the Accelerometer-Magnetometer when I first set up the machine.  I must have not selected to install this program. 

    My problem now is that I have not been able to locate the software as a download.  I have checked the STMicrotronics site but I cannot find it there and no joy on the Dell site either.

    Do you have any suggestions?



  • This should be the driver link.

    Let me know if this does the trick.



  • Gary

    Thanks for the response.  It looks like these are the files I need. I have downloaded them but was not sure where to put them on my system.  I popped them in the Drivers Folder and set the Pop_Up.exe file to run but it gives a message that the sensor is not enabled.  I have tried to follow the instrution to enable the sensor from the control panel but I cannot find the sensor there to enable (presumably beacuse it does not have the drivers?).  I am a bit of novice to this loading software stuff.

    Not sure if I should have put the files in the Program files folder and if this would have made any difference.

    Perhaps I will just have to live without a rotating screen.

    Thanks for you help so far.


  • I think that you are not enabling the driver directly in the device management. Unzip the file into a folder of your naming.

    These are the instructions that were in the driver files.

    1.Copy the STMicroelectronics folder to your "C:\Program Files" directory (So once you have unzipped theSTMicroelectronics folder, place the anywhere in the C:\Program File directory)

    2.Goto Device Manager and click on the "Unknown Device" and choose to update/install driver - (Right click on my computer, click manage, then click on device manager. You would normally have a device called sensors in the list, but in your case it might say unknown device. Right click on it and there should be an option to install driver/update driver. Click on that and follow the next step.)

    3.Browse to the "C:\Program Files\STMicroelectronics\Accelerometer-Magnetometer\Sensor_Driver" folder

    Windows will detect and install the driver

    4. Merge the 2 registry keys - 1 is for "Current User" the other for "Local Machine" I am not sure about this step, perhaps it will prompt you to do this.

    5. Go to Control Panel and under the "Sensors" applet - you should now see the STMicroelectronics 3-Axis device - check the box to enable it

    6. Reboot

    You can now turn your Duo Portrait or Landscape and the screen will auto rotate based on the orientation


    Let me know if you need some more help with this. I could help you with some screen dumps if you need them.


  • Well - several steps forward but still not quite there. 

    I have loaded the driver for the Accelerometer-Magnetometer and I can now see the device from the Control Panel under Sensors.  I have set it to "Enabled". So all going well so far.

    I have been worried about "merging the 2 Reistry keys".  From reading a few comments on line I know this can be dangerous so I was trying to make a back up copy of the Registry but I am not sure exactly what I need to copy.  I also do not actually know what to do to "merge" the Registry keys,  I did read that I should just right click the file and this should give me the option to merge the file but t didn't. Perhaps I should just run the files but again I am worried that I might corrupt something.

    I tried a reboot without merging the reistry files but it does not work.

    As I say not quite there.

    Thanks for the help so far.

  • I ended up messing up the driver on my duo when trying to recreate the problem that you are having.

    Using this driver installed the correct driver for me.

    After I had it installed, I then got an error that the device could not start code(10). Doing a complete shut down not restart, seems to fix this.


    More info at this link:


    Let me know how you have come along.






  • Gary


    Thanks for your help with this and sorry to hear that you messed up your system trying to help me.  I hope you have your Duo working again now.

    I had almost given up on this one I as I didn't want to mess with the Resistry files.

    Nice to finally have my Duo working as it should.

    Thanks again


  • Did you get the problem fixed, I just got my Dell Duo convertable laptop/tablet and I can't get it to rotate either, I didn't know I had to mess with the settings.....



  • If you follow the previous posts, you should be able to get it working.

  • Thanks, I did and yes it worked..................... the Duo goes from vertical to horizontal when I turn it! Smile

  • Hi, My name is Gary also. My Duo screen stopped rotating also. I haven't been able to solve this issue..Thanks. Gary