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Upgrade Dell E6410 With Fingerprint / Biometric Reader


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Upgrade Dell E6410 With Fingerprint / Biometric Reader

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Just got a E6410 that did not come with the Biometric / Fingerprint reader. I want to upgrade that and was wondering if someone could confirm the parts that I need

It looks like I will need a Palmrest assembly P/N 2X11P and the biometric module itself

I can easely find the palmrest on ebay or other sites but where to find the Fingerprint reader? What would be the part number and where could I find it, I am guessing that using the one that comes with the E6400 is out of the question (The connetions look really similar though...)


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  • About the only place you're going to find the parts is through Dell - this is a new model.


    (in the USA).

    Note:  think carefully before you do this.  It's a major disassembly project and you could well void your warranty.  You may be better off returning the system and ordering one with the equipment you want, if the warranty is a consideration.

  • Thanks, I called them but they could not help me much. They found one part number and told me it was $1.99, I kind of doubt that the full fingerprint reader would be so cheap and also they are out of stock for that. I will call back to see if that was the right part number. Switching the palmrest with the one for the fingerprint / contactless smart card was very easy and took no time at all. But I'm still without the fingerprint reader module and that sucks. But at least now I only need to find the part and remove the keyboard to set it up.

  • OK, finally got the correct part number: 58F1M and price of $19.99. But dell is saying it's out of stock as well :(