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L702x XPS 17

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This weekend Iordered the XPS 17 with the 3D screen/3 GPU....After owning the Studio XPS 16 for 6 months and having 5 replacement screens!, yes 5 I had enough.

Anyway my question are:

1, I bought a Blu Ray slot loading drive for my XPS 16, Do you think this will be compatible with the new XPS 17? I have the Optiarc BC-5600S

2. I couldn't add a backlit keyboard online most annoying, as they say I can do if I cancel my order and reorder over the phone, not handy as I then lose all the discounts applied, so I was wondering if the L701x back lit keyboard would be compatible?  or does anyone know of where I could order one for the L702x? Dell dont have parts up for the machine yet.

Many Thanks


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  • Hi CBgs,

    1) The drive will most likely fit without issues, but the faceplate will almost certainly not. The side of your laptop might look like an open wound.

    2) From my readings the L701X and L702X are very very similar so I would assume that the same keyboards are used.

    I am not 100% certain on either of those answers but that's my guess. I don't work for Dell, either.

  • thanks for the answers, does anyone have any links (UK or US) for the L701x backlit keyboard? or even the L702x If you've seen it anywhere online.

  • I've noticed if you go to order a L702X now.. there's an option for backlit keyboard.

    It'll probably become available as an upgrade part if you've already ordered.

  • I wanted to buy a backlit keyboard yesterday from Dell for my XPS L702x and when online they did not want to sell it to me. What is that about