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Touchpad lock issue in Windows 7 32 bit on Dell N5010


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Touchpad lock issue in Windows 7 32 bit on Dell N5010

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Hi all,


I have installed all the drivers for Windows 7 32 bit including touch pad and Quickset, but the touch pad lock button is not working at all, anyone knows how to resolve this issue?

Thanks & Regards,


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  • I was also having the same problem i just downloaded this Dell Inspiron N5010 Notebook Synaptics Touchpad Driver A00 and installed its working fine now.. you can get it from

  • at I have the same problem. I downloaded that driver, ran the .exe file and it said that everything installed fine. I restarted the computer, but still no change. The button doesn't work, nor do I see the touchpad driver anywhere. What am I doing wrong? The touchpad is driving me nuts when I type so I really want to disable it when my external mouse is hooked to my Inspiron n5010 notebook. Did I miss a step?

  • I just posted the same problem. Same DELL N5010. Dell downloaded a new driver but did nothing.  This has been a problen for me for months now.  Come on DELL some help here.

  • Well, it seems that it was my mistake. I have never installed a driver before. The exe I ran turned out to be only the unzip exe. Once I realized that, I ran the actual setup exe and now things are working! I am so excited. That was the only things about this laptop that I didn't like. Now I am in love with it. I can finally type without the cursor running around and having to retype message several times.