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Screen is ghosting, fuzzy with fine flickering horizontal lines.

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My Vostro 1510 Win7 has worked perfectly fot he past 3 years but has today developed a screen fault. It now boots with a fuzzy flickering half black and white screen for a few seconds then returns to black before the fuzzy blue login screen appears. Everything else seems to wok OK, it seems to load and boot up but the display is now ghosting, i.e. double image, fuzzy with fine flickering horizontal lines. I ran the LCD BIST from the PAS diagnostics but this was no help and failed to give an error report. My first thoughts were faulty graphics card or virus. 

Any help appreciated.

Running Win7, A15 Bios, 3Gb Ram

Dell Inspiron N5010 - Intel i3 370 - 2.4Ghz -  Bios A12

3gb Memory - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit - 320gb HD

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