Windows 7 Dell New Inspiron 1545 "Plugged In, Not Charging" & Error


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Windows 7 Dell New Inspiron 1545 "Plugged In, Not Charging" & Error

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I have the same problem. Some time ago my power charger was fault. The reason is the low quality of this DELTA block: It was the short circuit between + and - within connecting wire. Because the garantie was over i bought the new power supply and now my battery discharged to 0% and not charging. I'm very angry with this dell politics of power id. Other brands except apple never do such silly thing. I'm sure there is a way to switch off this dumb resctriction by software but nobody in forums i visited have it. Can somebody in support or owners help me? But don't advice me to update BIOS because it needs at least 10% battery charge. And don't advice me to buy original charger 1) it have very low reliability as i see 2) i just bought good but not original one and better shall change laptor than shall throw more money

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  • Hi

    We need to first check if the BIOS Detects the AC ADpt in the first place. Go to your BIOS page and see if it does.

    The New AC Adpt should be Dell Adapter. My apologies if you have lost faith in Dell products,i am not trying to be defensive here but no electronic product can have 99% reliability, an electronic device can fail at any given point of time, bottom line to charge the battery it requires an original charger. 

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  • Thank you for your quick response!

    My answer is predictable due to my first post:

    BIOS detects  "Battery health-NORM"(charged 0%) and  "AC Adapter-Unknown".

    But i have no doubts that my new AC adapter would be appropriate: its output voltage is 19.5 volts and peak current is 4.67A what is more then native adapter peak current 3.34 amp The only reason why my battery cannot charged is the original ID identification. I read some recommendations to solder Texas identificaton chip into MB but i don't like it. It seems much better  to use some soft switch to disable id identification and i'm sure it exists. I ask you to help me in this.

  • A software to disable ID identification is not possible.

    BIOS is the software used for ID Identification (Basically it reads from the chip).

    If you want to go ahead and try the Hardware method here is a blog for you.

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  • Let me tell not to believe you. While we ping-pong messages i installed some software from various sources. Unexpectedly state-of-charge is displayed in the windows tray began to increase. Now it changed from 0 to 8% and still continue.  BUT! The inscription in this case remains "NOT CHARGING"! What you can say about? I don't know what application namely works here but it works!!! B'cause laptop was connected to the mains supply other day for 12 hours and did not charging and now it charges



  • I am glad its working for you.

    Do let me know when its completely charged and the amount of time it takes to charge.

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  • OK. Now it is 25%  after 2.5 hours of charging. I felt your sarcasm, but I think you're envious in addition Smile

  • Hammer0110

    OK. Now it is 25%  after 2.5 hours of charging. I felt your sarcasm, but I think you're envious in addition Smile

    Hehe, its not that...I was just curious, it does take a long time to charge now dont you think ?

    I hope it doesnt damage the battery.

    Do me a favour will ya ?

    Uninstall quickset and install the new one from support site (If new one already installed, reinstall it)

    Let me know if that helps get rid of the 'Not charging' message. 

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  • i had too same problem plugged in  not charging ,99%

    battery heated up

    red and orange light blinks

    plz rply me as soon as ppossible

    Thanks in advance

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