When attempting to power on my practically brand new Dell Inspiron M5010 aka 15R aka M501R with AMD Phenom ii x3, the screen remains black for between 3 and 6 minutes before the dell logo/ post screen appears. if I select a boot option during this time/ i.e. F2, it will follow through with the command when the post screen appears. I beleive the problem started once I enabled the computrace feature. If anyone has had similar problems or can verify the issue and solution, I would be very appreciative. I have searched for a solution on my own and the space bar "trick" does not help me at all. If the problem lies in the activation of the computrace feature, is it able to be deactivated by resetting the cmos chip? or, would the best approach be to finally open my wallet and download the software? Please help me shine some light on my delima.