Inspiron 1720 Flash Cache Module help


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Inspiron 1720 Flash Cache Module help

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My vista home premium equiped 1720 is very slow both starting up and shutting down despite having upgraded to the max 4gb of ram + a 4gb flash drive assigned wholly/permanently to readyboost.
Looking on the owners service manual I saw a Flash Cache Module FCM listed but no part number, it fits underneath in one of the spare slots.
About a month ago I decided to email dell and find out about it (I have a nervous problem that means I cant use a phone cos I stutter & stammer too bad).

Anyway I couldnt get through at all until a week ago I accidently got hold of someone from the USA arm who stated that its a 1gb flash memory meant to help with vistas slow speed and that the part number is KX960, he was even able to take my service tag and confirm I didnt already have one.

 With a hand from my US man today I got hold of a UK sales personand guess what, they've never heard of an FCM and the part number KX960 dosent exist (although an independent guy ex dell from the UK has confirmed its the correct number for an inspiron 1720 FCM !!). The service person was very nice but despite me explaining my phone problem could only advise me to ring up the technical support people AHH!!!!

So does anyone here know how I might go about getting hold of a dell FCM as dell uk dont appear to know they do one !!

This FCM is different fitting wise to the intel turbocache, which seem (I think ?) to go in side expess card slot and not underneath next to the WLAN space. Please advise if Im wrong.
They are both designed to do the same speeding up vist job so as I cant afford windows 7, I thought Id add both a 4gb intel turbo cache plus the dell FCM. Surely that would help start up/shut down times.

What does anyone think and can anyone help with the dell end, or should I just live with the open/close times and just read in the wait !! ?

Many thanks in advance, yours Neill

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  • If the system is shutting down sporadically, it's either overheating or something is wrong with the system or with Windows.  Adding a flash cache may mask some of the problem, but it won't solve it. 

    Make sure the heatsink assembly is clean and dust-free - and that the fan is working properly.


  • Sorry, I wasent very clear.

    Everything does work ok, its just painfully slow to start it up or shut it down despite regular disk cleans, defrags, driver & bios updates, extra ram & the USB flash memory for the ready boost.
    I presume or so other people have suggested, that its a common vista issue, hence I was asking about the FCM & Intel Turbocache.

    Really, would these 2 items work and if so how do I go about getting the dell FCM seeing as dell uks sales reckon they've never heard of it or the part number that dell usa swore was what i needed to get it in the uk as they are not allowed to sell it to me as dell uk see it as poaching,

    Sorry for any confusion earlier