AC adapter not recognized--battery will not charge.


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AC adapter not recognized--battery will not charge.

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When checking on battery performance, my Dell Inspiron 1545 reads "64% available (plugged in, not charging)"

I just bought a brand new battery as my old one drained off in a similar way and my laptop would only work while plugged in.

Even with this new battery I am having this error. The laptop RUNS fine--but the battery will not charge. System setup reports the battery as healthy, but says that the adapter is unrecognized. I have rebooted the computer. Left the computer off a while, same thing. It absolutely will not charge the battery, not even temporarily.

Any help is very appreciated! I bought this laptop in 2008 brand new and I have heard alot of problems with Dell adapters lately. Pls help. Thanks.

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  • Sounds like you have the incorrect ac adaptor. ..or....Maybe a problem with your motherboard? Have u updated your BIOS recently?

    I'd just call dell tech support or do their live chat


  • I have a studio 1747 and it is giving me the same error message "does not recognize my adapter" it has always had a dell adapter. I bought a new battery and power supply but this did nothing. Was wondsering if you ever found a solution?

  • Hello mnamos,

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    In case the AC adapter is not able to charge the battery then the issue could be with the AC adapter or the power port on the system board. In this case I

    I’ll suggest to update the system BIOS to the latest version. Also If you have a similar Ac adapter available please try to run the system on it and check if the alternate AC adapter is able to charge the battery. If the alternate AC adapter charges the battery then the issue is with the AC adapter and replacing the AC adapter will take care of the issue. If you get the same error on the other AC adapter as well (plugged in, not charging), then you will need to replace the system board.

    Let me know of the findings, Glad to be of assistance.


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  • Yes I bought new batt and power supply but nothing... So I tried to update the bios and it gives me an error saying "battery is at 10% charge battery" then exits the bios flash. To me that is beyond funny. Leave it to a company trying to force the use of their products to make something as simple as power supply and turn into this that is before me. I guess I have little choice but to use their techs as well.

  • > I assume you watched the video

    > I also assume the new adapter and battery are 100% Dell compatible !

    > Make sure the power jack is OK - if it is loose (happens a lot - bad connection) the adapter won't be recognized.In some cases it is possible to resolder the jack or replace a smaller daughterboard with the  jack on it.

  • For myself, just reseatting the plug directly into the computer has helped.  If it won't stay in firmly all the way -- that's your problem.  Also be sure you haven't accidentally used the adapter from another laptop.  There's not 100% compatibility between all adapters.  (This is not saying "only" a "Dell" power adapter will work.)

  • Very effective video on power problem.  I had also read "AC Adapter Not Powering or Charging the Battery - KB Article - 362907" and it didn't say anything about the Dallas chip on the mother board.  

    I did remove the battery and reset the power adapter unit and it booted w/o the problem, but the article(s) do not point the direction to move in this case.   I'm going to put everything back together and try rebooting w/ battery in place and see if error returns.  If so, where's the problem? Dallas chip?

  • Error returned after installing battery again and resetting AC adapter and reboot.

  • Per the video, only a Dell adapter will work, assuming the ID wire has not been damaged.  But from experience, if the adapter is not 100% inserted flush, the ID wire to the Dallas chip won't make the connection.  That's why its important that the ID wire be unaltered from its original condition.