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What king of coin cell CMOS battery to use for Inspiron 1200 / Inspiron 2200?


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What king of coin cell CMOS battery to use for Inspiron 1200 / Inspiron 2200?

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My Inspiron 1200 doesn't always remember the system time and boot settings so I'm thinking of changing out the coin cell battery.

Unfortunately the manual doesn't tell you what kind of specifications to look for in a replacement CMOS battery.  What should I look for when shopping for a new CMOS battery?  Please don't tell me to just open up the machine and look at the battery.    Has anyone successfully done this with an Inspiron 1200 or Inspiron 2200 (models are identical except for CPU)?  I want to be 100% sure I'm getting the right specifications since I've no knowledge of coin cell batteries.  Thanks.

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  • CR-2032 lithium button cell -- you can buy these at Radio Shack, Target, Staples, etc.



  • CR2032 batteries are common ones for many electronics and can be found at the jewelry counter in any discount or drug store for $2-$3.. Directions to replace are HERE. Replacement requires disassembling the computer so be be sure to follow all safety directions.

  • For $2.39 including shipping, I bought 5 of the CR2032 on eBay from a USA seller.  Big Smile  Needed it to test out an old Sharp Electronic Organizer that took 3 of them.




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  • Thanks for all your answers.  I know I have to take everything apart to safely change out the CMOS battery.  Hopefully that will go well.  The last time I serviced the laptop I almost damaged the CPU fan, jerked one of the pin wires off the power connector but managed to seat it back into the connector after fiddling with it, like threading a needle.

  • At least the CMOS battery on this model is right below the keyboard, on top of the system board.


  • I finally got around to replacing the thing.  Only bothered with it so I could re-sell it.  Fixed all sorts of problems.  Thanks for everyone's help.  That guy selling five Sony coin cells for $3?  He's the man.