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Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 won't go past windows loading screen


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Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 won't go past windows loading screen

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A few days ago Microsoft Essentials had caught a virus (trojan:Win32/Hiloti.gen!D Severe) so I selected the option to remove it. When it was done, it prompted me to restart, so I did. And that's when the computer stopped working. I've tried everything. I can go into safe mode, but last known config doesnt work. I let the computer just sit there for an hour or two to see if it would go past the windows loading screen, but it wont. An easy fix would be to reformat it with the cd, but this notebook doesnt have a optical drive. I also tried doing the reformat through usb but the program I used won't pick up my XP reformat CD. It will say "does not contain windows source files". I used the PeToUSB program. I also tried the F8 thing at the start up, but the option to repair my computer isnt there.
Is there any way to create a reformat CD?
Or is there any way to fix my problem?

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  • you say you can go into safe mode.  how about trying to do a system restore to before you  got the virus.

  • Thats the first thing I tried. It just does the same thing. After the restore, the computer restarts and then when it gets to the windows loading screen it just stays there.
    Last night I tried reinstalling windows XP through USB, but I get that "NTLDR missing, press any key to restart" message.
    I've tried looking for a solution to that, but I've found nothing.
    My Inspiron didn't come with a CD, of couse, but if I haven't mentioned already, the dell datasafe doesnt work either.

  • i never had much luck setting up and booting from a flash drive.  i don't know what country you're in or whether you have access to ebay, but you can get a dell xp restore disc for about 8 bucks.  can you borrow a cd drive from someone?  flash drives are touchy to boot from. it has to be big enough for xp but not too big.  certain makes of drives just won't boot.  google ntldr and pick the first thing that comes up and it will show you why you're getting that error. when you hit f8 at startup it should've given a list of options. the first one should've said repair your computer. but you say it's not there. go into your boot options at startup and see if your hard drive is listed.  if it's not then you might have a problem with the hard drive.  i'm assuming that you changed the boot order to try to boot from usb. sorry i'm not much help with this but i just never had to set up a flash drive to boot from.

  • If you have access to a Windows 7 DVD or ISO file, then you can use this tool to create a bootable USB drive complete with Windows 7 installation image on it.