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Your battery is able to charge normally. However it is reaching the end of its usable life

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I keep getting this message on my dell  Inspiron 1545. I have only had this for 11 months and I really don't want to buy a new battery. Unplugged the battery only lasts and hour. I usually have the laptop plugged in. Do I still have to buy a new battery if I keep it plugged in? Is there anything else I can do? 

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  • The battery has a 12-month warranty.  Call Dell and have it replaced.


  • If you never or seldom use the battery it will run down faster mainly because of the heat. When you get the new battery, use it and recharge it regularly to prolong life. Don't allow it to run down completely before recharging. You can use the computer without a battery. Run the battery down some and remove and store the half-charged battery. Don't store a completely recharged battery. Read This.

  • Thing is I always use this laptop. It is my main computer. I don't really use it with out it being plugged in, But it's good to know that I can use it with out the battery. I have until the 12th to get a new one. Thank you for the link and advice.