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Latitude E6410

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In Ukraine I can purchase DELL Latitude E6410 (210-E6410WH). I want to know full hardware specification for this model. Shops provide info with some differences and I want to know official info. I didn't find any details about this model at ukrainian and other official Dell sites. I didn't find any official contacts in Ukraine to recieve official info before purchasing.

Some shop contains following characteristic: "Instant ON : Latitude ON Reader OFF". What it's mean? Latitude family laptop without latitude feature?


Thank you for any info.

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  • I buy this model. I shocked with dell service in Ukraine:

    - no any ability to receive info before buy

    - any contacts to get info after buy (after entering service code site return error code 500)

    - latitude feature info no accessible (full featured option allowed to buy only in US, but all review describe latitude flash instead latitude reader)

    - no ability to use Intel HD graphic (ability to switching internal and discrete graphic exists long time)

    - no ability to register laptop (no Ukraine in country list)

    - laptop purchase with power adapter on 65W but at first run bios show message that recommended 90W (I will ready to pay additional 10-20 dollars to have normal power supply, but I don't have info about system power before purchasing)

    - in all countries this model can be selected with Core I7-640M (in Ukraine available only Core I7-620M option)

    Maybe Dell and great brand but service and packaging politic drop  Dell in Ukraine to noname/noface production level.