Using UPEK TouchChip fingerprint reader in Windows 7 (64-bit)


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Using UPEK TouchChip fingerprint reader in Windows 7 (64-bit)

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Hello All,

I recently installed Windows 7 (64-bit) on my Dell XPS 1530. It was a fresh installation after formatting existing Windows Vista. I have UPEK TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor on my laptop.

I wish to use it for logging in and loggint out. Can anyone help me in finding the right driver for the same and how to get it functional?


Thanks a lot,


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  • Hello Ranveer,

    I updated my XPS M1330 also to Win7 64-bit. After much difficulty with the UPEK, I determined that I needed to download and install the drivers and software from the UPEK web site. NOTE: I paid the money as if I was buying the softare new. What I did not do was pursue Dell to provide me with new drivers and software for the fingerprint reader. I was highly frustrated (by other upgrade difficulties) by the time I saw the fingerprint reader was no longer working properly, that I just spent the money, did a new install and moved on. Everything worked as expected following this.

    Hope this helps maybe a bit...