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How to speed up my Inspiron


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How to speed up my Inspiron

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I've had it since 2008. It has become desperately slow. Between a command - eg. Open a file or End a session or go back a page online - and the command being carried out I may wait up to a minute or more.

The little round circle that means the laptop's doing something just turns and turns and turns.

The machine is slow online and offline. If I'm editing a file I have to wait ages for the cursor to appear where I try to place it. If I save a file it takes ages. Online it's just as slow.

I've had PCs and laptops since about 1989 so I know what a slow machine is. I'd say this Inspiron is as slow as the first PC I had in 1989....

Any ideas on how I can speed it up? It wasn't too bad till this year. Thanks.

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  • First jobs:  clean any accumulated dust from the heatsink.  Even a slight buildup of dust will cause the system to throttle back to prevent overheating.
    Second:  reload Windows (or do a factory restore) to clear out all accumulated junk programs, etc.


  • If you don't have it download and run Ccleaner

    Use the default settings and run it.

    Also click on the registry tool and run it (accept the backup registry option when it presents itself, in case you need to use the backup) and 'fix all selected issues'


  • The computer problems always drive me crazy, I want a program to solve my slow computer, several days ago my friend recommend me a software tuneup360, now I'm waiting for the result.