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Latitude E4310 does not automatically connect to wireless network


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Latitude E4310 does not automatically connect to wireless network

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My Latitude E4310 refuses to automatically connect to a wireless network even though "connect automatically when this network is in range"  is checked in the wireless network definition. It has an Intel 6300 wireless card. 

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  • The wireless connection is set up as a Work  Network. It connects up manually just fine.  It uses a WPA-2 personak key.  

  • I'm having this problem, too, on my Latitude E6500.  It started just a couple of weeks ago, and it even has persisted after I did a Dell Factory Reset.  I'm calling support, and will post what I find out.

  • OK, just got off the line with phone support for my similar issue. My agent, Rachel, was very helpful.

    What solved it for me was to prevent Dell ControlPoint from trying to control the wireless connection.  Here's the steps of how to do that (in Windows 7):

    1. Open Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager.  (I think the easiest way is to open the Start menu, start typing "dell controlpoint" in the search box, and select Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager from the results.)
    2. In the Connection Manager, click Profiles.
    3. At the bottom of the window, click Change Settings.
    4. Click Program Settings.
    5. Under Available Technologies, uncheck the Wi-Fi box.
    6. Click OK, and OK again.

    After that, I tried restarting, and wireless connected as soon as I logged in.  I've tried several more times, also logging out and logging back in, and the problem hasn't resurfaced.  Hopefully it will work for you!

    Also, a quick note about support methods--I tried Chat support first, and two successive people told me that I had a "Windows problem" and referred me to a fee-based phone line.  Instead, I called the regular (free) warranty phone support, and they willing and able to solve my problem.  In the future, I think I'll just go with phone support first!

  • when i type dell controlpoint / control point in the search menu nothing comes up. (im using e4310)