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Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm new to this forum so, please, bear with me if this topic looks familiar.

I have an old (3 years) Inspiron 1720 that mounts a T7500 (2.2  Ghz) which I'm looking to upgrade; my question is, what would be the fastest possible mobile Cpu my laptop can take? I was looking at a T9900 but I'm not sure it's compatible with the motherboard.


Thank you in advance for your help.


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  • No, to the T9900 - that uses a 1066 MHz bus your system doesn't support.  You can use a maximum of an 800 MHz bus CPU - the T9500 is the fastest of these.


  • oh, so that's what i was missing! thank you very much indeed. daniel

  • btw, what about an I-5 processor? some of them support both 800 and 1066 FSB...

  • No way - completely different socket type.  An i-anything won't even fit.


  • i imagined that. well, thank you, i guess this thread has been solved. regards, daniel