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Latitude E6410 Keyboard Over View Functions and Features


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Latitude E6410 Keyboard Over View Functions and Features

  • I have a new Latitude E6410. No wriiten manual came with the computer concerning features. Could somebody direct me to a site/link where I can get a detailed Keyboard Over View with information such as the Features and Functions and how to use them. For instance, I do not see a NUM Lock key, so I do not know how to use the acessibility mouse keys.

    (I have a disability which makes typing extremely difficult. Due to tremors I cannot use a touch pad consistently, even when the sensitivity options are altered. I have been using the Mouse Stick - in order to control it even after adjusting the speed, sensitivity, etc., I have to tightly press the Mouse Stick to overcome the impact of the tremors. Due to its location, in the middle of the keyboard, the stick is extremely akward to use - I have to contract the muscles in  my other fingers and keep them raised to avoid hitting the keys.  I used to have a Fujitsu LifeBook which had a nickle-sized mouse button (not stick) placed where the Dell touchpad is found. Does Dell have a service for people with disabilities which could make alterations to the computer such that the touchpad could be replaced with such a device?  Is there a contact number where I could speak to someone who actually knows about disability issues?  The salesman implied the Mouse Stick was the size of a button.)

    I also do not know what all the blue symbols on the Function Keys represent.  I do not know what the blue symbols (some are lit up) above the keyboard indicate (except for the WiFi Key).  What is the button immediately to the left of the power-on/off key? 

     I don't understand how the top 3 buttons above the touchpad are utilized as opposed to the 2 click buttons below the touchpad. I know to go to the Dell ContriolPoint Systems and Devices Manager to see a list of System Hot Keys.  What does Launch DCP mean?

    I have an Internal Backlit English Keyboard, Dell Latitue E.  Item Number: 330-7359.  Part Number: RRGD8

    I would greatly appreciate any help I could receive with the aforementioned issues. Thankyou.

  • 10kennedy10,


    I'd really like to help you but the computer I am using doesn't have the feature that your computer has.


    Latitude E6410 Setup and Features



    Dell™ Latitude ON™ Flash Help

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    Launch Dell Control Point means you want to launch the program. Dell Control Point 


    How Do I use the Dell™ ControlPoint Connection Manager Software The box at the bottom has many thing to read.




    You want want to try Using the Ease of Access Center It has features that you may want to try/use.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • Hello

    I have the same laptop. Do the following:


    Double click 'MOUSE'

    You should then be presented with a Mouse Properties window.

    Select Dell Touchpad tab

    Click on large brown arrow

    A new window appears.

    Click on brown arrow, top left icon.

    You are then presented with various parts of the Pointing Stick / Touchpad to enable or disable.

    Make your choice and click 'Apply' then OK.

    FYI. I selected the tick box at the bottom which disables Touchpad & Pointing stick when an external USB mouse is connected


    Hope this helps :-)

  • The caps button is the key on the left that looks like a lock symbol