Upgrade Inspiron 1520 Hard Drive, Media Direct, Diagnostics


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Upgrade Inspiron 1520 Hard Drive, Media Direct, Diagnostics

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I have an Inspiron 1520 and I would like to upgrade the hard drive. In the process, I'd like to keep the diagnostic and media direct partitions. I currently have the following partitions:

  • FAT - 78M - probably Dell Diagnostic partition
  • FAT32 - 3.10G - probably Dell Media Direct
  • C: -- NTFS (Win XP OS)
  • D: -- NTFS (My Documents)

I noticed that Dell has a 750G HD that should be great for this machine. Before I order a hard drive, I'd like to know the process I need to go through to get all these partitions set up properly. I have three options:

  1. Using ShadowProtect Desktop to clone the disk and/or partitions, then restore. This is the most likely option.
  2. Doing a clean install of Win XP SP3.
  3. Upgrading to WIn7 when I do it. In that case I'd need to know where to find Win7 drivers for this machine.

Is a checklist of steps available to follow to be sure that the right things are done in the right sequence?



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  • You cannot clone the Media Direct partition - you must install that on a new drive from the MediaDirect CD.