Inspiron 1525 - Battery will not charge with plug connected.


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Inspiron 1525 - Battery will not charge with plug connected.

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Inspiron 1525 - Battery will not charge with plug connected.  Upgraded to current version Bios with no change in error.. Upgraded from 65W to 90W adaptor with no change in error.  Swapped known good battery that had 55% power left and it would not re-charge.  Put "suspect" battery that had 0% charged into another machine and it is now charging.  My laptop will work on cord power and will work on battery as long as I charge it elsewhere.  I suspect that something is wrong with the laptop power interface and it is not allowing the power to transfer to the battery charging function.  Is this a software issue (I thought the BIOS upgrade might fix this) or a hardware failure.  If it is a hardware failure, can I fix it?

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  • I've looked for my old posts but it looks like Dell has pulled them all from this forum.  The only solution I've found is to buy an external charger.  I purchased 2 of the 1525 models in late 2008 and one is fine the other has charger problems.  I've swapped the charger, cord and battery, I've done the BIOS upgrade (which helped for a couple of weeks).  Nothing is permanent.

    Previous posts showed Dell's solution is to replace the mother board for $300+. You can also buy an external charger for about $75, which is what I'm going to do.  It's either that or turn it into a desktop PC.

  • Found my old posts finally Embarrassed.  Here's a link for external chargers, one was available at Amazon, the other was sold out.

  • Below is my post to a similar problem.  It might help.


    Gone are the days of simple laptops.  Dell laptops require Dell battery chargers and are designed to recognize them.  If the power adapter port on you laptop is damaged (by inadvertently pulling or jerking, etc), it may fail to identify the battery charger and refuse to charge the battery.  This happened to me.  Fortunatly, my 1737 has a daughter card which holds the charging port and related electronics.  I only had to replace it rather than replacing the whole mother board.  $15 vs $300.  Hope yours is made the same way!

    And WHEN will computer makers design an external power supply port that is ROBUST!???  or do the just love the repair income...

  • That external charger lasted only for 5 charges. I'm returning it for a refund and ordering a regular AC adapter. Found one at Amazon (please verify your exact model of adapter) that was highly rated. We have it and now it charges the battery again. We'll see how long that lasts.


  • There are a couple of things you can try.  If you know a little about chargers than test it with a multimeter if you dont one of the hardware stores around you can probably test it for you if everything is good on the charger wrap[ the battery in plastic wrap and place in the freezer for about 20 min.  This worked for me.   What that does is clear the battery's "memory" that can keep it from charging.  Li-Ion batteries are bad about that.  hope this helps.