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Dell E6400 Bluetooth Minicard.


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Dell E6400 Bluetooth Minicard.

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  Unable to determine what driver to utilize, to get bluetooth working.   WIN7 / OS     Need to sych with phone.

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  • Are you sure you ordered the optional Bluetooth card? Go to Control Panel and see if  Bluetooth is listed. The bluetooth should work after attaching the phone. All the drivers are already installed. This is from the order page for the E6400--

    Bluetooth & Ultra-Wideband:
    Dell Wireless 37011 Bluetooth®  2.1 (optional)
    Dell Wireless 41011 Bluetooth®  2.1 with UWB (optional)

  • Mary G.   --  I finally found the driver and installed it.    I had this installed at one time, but system corrupted with VISTA and just installed WIN 7.    This one item failed to install.   When I ran the 370 EXE file, it installed and synched with my phone immediately.   The only issue I have now, is that I do not want it to manage the phone voice, and am working on blocking that piece.

    Thanks for the info.