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Dell cancelled my order without telling me


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Dell cancelled my order without telling me

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Hi I have ordered all our computers from Dell since 1998. I needed a replacement laptop so ordered the Studio 17 with the quad core processor on September the 16th. Delivery estimated 8 th October. have been checking online for the progress of the build and every time until Friday afternoon it is 'work in progress'. Friday afternoon i checked it out again, thinking oh good only one working week to go-and guess what-yep 'order cancelled'. not only has it been cancelled I have received no confirmation of this from dell. Nothing. Ive checked my credit card statements and they haven't even processed my payment from the date of my order (which is a relief)

I have never received such shoddy non existent support from Dell, and it really makes me doubtful about re-ordering this machine or anything else from them.

Has anyone else received this sort of treatment from Customer Support recently with no explanation or follow up? I must say have been a die hard fan of their computers for years but would be very dubious to use them again now especially as they 'lost' all my credit card details. The only good thing that has come out of it is that I haven't been billed for this order. its so strange and very frustrating.

Thanks guys- just had to get this off my chest. Will be phoning Customer Support agasin tomorrow to follow up on my last batch of emails I sent to them.

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  • Well to follow on from this- I sent three emails on friday evening-one to the Sales rep, and two to customer support. Nothing by 11 am monday morning. So after three long calls to customer support, I finally managed to speak to a reperesentative who told me that it was me who had cancelled the order. (Untrue) When i told her politely I might add that this was not the case and I ahd discovered it had been cancelled on friday by checking the online status, she then informed me there was  a problem with the part order and she could give me the number of a department to ring,I said surely dell should contact me, either by email or phone with an explanation- i didnt think I should have to chase round departments-no reply. I informed her that she should just keep the order as cancelled to which she replied- fine! No offer to put things right or get the department to contact me. No apologies de nada. She acted liek she couldnt be bothered. This was 1600 euros woth of order with another 5,000 in the pipeline for another desktop.

    Very disapointed I went into town and bought a Sony laptop, same specs with a blu ray player for less money.late afternoon i get a call from sales to tell me that there has been a problem with my build- the display, and Dell will have to offer me lower specs in some areas- mainly display i think- not great as I am a graphics artist. I explain to them that as I have received no contact from dell,,my card was not debited either. I was told they probably put a block on the credit card. Soagain i explain that I phoned the credit card company and dell has never applied to debit the money from my card. As was the case with previous orders. Then the manager tells me I should ahve contacte the sales rep that sold me the machine- so i told him that I already did that on friday afternoon...silence. Customer service was never this abysmal and am very annoyed with dell- they ahve already laid off over 200 employees here in Ireland and we want to use dell. How can we if we cannot trust their employees to sort out problems efficiently and be direct t towards their customers.

    This is so bad and I am so disapointed with dells customer support and their communication towards me. has anyone else had problems like these?

  • I am not at all surprised with this. Our family has used Dell only because my Mother thinks they have "the best customer service". There is a reason they need such a massive customer service: their computers are abysmal at best, and is exceeded in bad quality only in their service department. We have had so many problems with them I could talk for days on end about it. You are most definitely not the only person. The only quality computers they make is their Alienware line, which is expensive gaming computers. This makes sense since most gamers (generally) know their computers and Dell cant manipulate those customers.


    We over-paid for our laptops by over 1k each. The exact same specs from other companies, yet 1k less for each computer. Their customer service is a joke. It took them a month and a half to fix my DVD drive. They couldn't figure out what the problem was, and told us sorry they couldn't help us: even while under warranty!! My mom had to explain to the incompetant service representative that because it was under warranty they HAD to fix it or she would sue them for breach of contract. They then told her to wait and she would call her back within 10 minutes about a time they could come and fix my computer. Finally relief right?! Nope, the person didn't call back for four hours, so my mom called back only to find the woman STILL hadn't done anything to find a solution. My mom stayed on hold for another hour while the rep tried to find a "solution". Finally they told her it wouldn't be for another 3 weeks they could get someone to fix it. My mom asked for someone higher up. Dead silence on the phone. She repeated herself and asked for the representatives name again so she could report her to her superior.


    When she got the woman's supervisor, it got even worse. The supervisor backed up the representative and said that was the best they could do. Mom blew her gasket, told her that was completely unacceptable and explained how she had been trying to get this sorted out for well over 5 hours. The woman told her to hold and i took the phone so my mom wouldn't have a stroke and keel over. The supervisor came back in 5 minutes and told us there would be someone out at my dorm the next day. I asked the supervisor for her name, her boss' name and email/phone number. She asked for what, and I said to file an official complaint against both of them for their incompetance. More silence, then she gave me the information I wanted. I said thank you and hung up. They did come, finally, and replaced the DVD drive completely without trying to figure out what was wrong. The repairman was very good at what he did and took him only a few minutes to take apart laptop to replace it.


    Did I talk to the highest Boss? Sure did: emailed the guy, and the guy called me back feeling horrible about what had happened. He said he would work with us on our next purchase and give us a big discount etc etc. I told him that wasn't necessary because I would never buy another computer from them regardless of price because I never want to have to be on the phone again for hours on end for such trivial problems. He begged for something he could do to help: i figured out how much I made at my job in 5 hours, as well as my mother, and told him if he wanted to repay us for our lost time he could send us a check for that amount. He laughed until he realized I was dead serious. Silence, and I told him thanks and god bless his soul for being able to work his position.


    This is just one experience. There have been many more. Not sure if Dell will delete this because it shows their true colors or not, as other posts of mine have been. Good luck everyone and stand up for yourself always: nobody looks out for your interest except for yourself. Always remember that.

  • Hi-well I was so pleased to get a reply from my thread!! Your experience sounds horrible- I cant believe Customer Support would have you on the phone for over 4 hours over such a simple thing as a dead HD. It beggars belief. Your poor mother must have been practically ballistic.

    What is more worrying is the promise of further discount if you buy with them again, and no alternative.(If you dont get customer satisfaction the first time round, why would you buy from them again?)

    I really dont understand why, when you have  a machine that is under warranty and needs to be fixed ASAP, that no-one can solve this problem, speedily and efficiently..

    As I said we have bought from Dell for all our computing needs since 2000-the machines were always sturdy, but have definately noticed Tech Support and Customer Support have gone way downhill over the last two years. We had always bought from Dell because they would generally undercut other manufacturers by price for high end machines. Not so this time. The Studio 17 that I ordered had no Blu Ray or double sided DVD capabilities, the processor was less than the Sony Vaio F series(which I have now ordered, after being let down big time by Dell CS) .Rather than go back to Dell and being told the specs I ordered were available only to find they were not, 2 weeks after ordering, and then getting indifferent response from Customer Support,  I ordered the new Sony with all these items on it and it has come in at 40 Euros cheaper than the Dell. One difference is the Dell had a 17 inch screen and the Sony is 16.4 but Dell now cant do the high spec resolution display that they promised, which showed on their website, when i ordered it, but Sony can-so I guess I will wait and see now.

    Thanks for sharing your experience though- much appreciated.Wink


  • My order has been canceled by Dell without any notice to me too. It's really ridiculous???