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error in bios inspiron n4010 (EMERGENCY!!) Help


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error in bios inspiron n4010 (EMERGENCY!!) Help

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i have an inspiron n4010 , i changed he windows to 7 ultimate , then it did not recognized some hardwares

then i downloaded all the drivers and installed them

one of them was bios update , it automatically flashed the rom  . it could not shut down  after about 30min a blue page was shown

i turned off the laptop by removing the battery

then  i turn it on. its just black and if i push any button it says beep !!

any idea?

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  • The mainboard will need to be replaced if the system won't boot after a BIOS flash gone wrong.


  • you mean i have to change the mainboard because i tried to update the bios?

    i read some where if i remove the cmos battery and wait 10 sec  it may gana be ok

    what is your idea?

    and the laptop is still on warranty is it gana help?

  • Removing the CMOS battery won't do anything.  To reset the CMOS, remove the battery and unplug, hold the power button for 30 seconds and then try powering up again.  If ithe system won't powerup, the warranty should cover the board replacement.


  • i need something

    it may work

    if you help me i will appreciate that

    im looking for hdr file (not exe file) for bios of inspiron n4010

    i can not convert it by using this commond :

    ******.exe -writehdrfile

    because  i dont have ms-dos

    please and please  HELP as soon as posible

    here is the exe file :<ADMIN NOTE:Service tag removed per privacy policy>&SystemID=inspiron_N4010&os=BIOSA&osl=EN

  • I experienced the same problem. They (Dell) say that the bios update is necessary. When my laptop froze during shutdown, I removed battery, replaced and turned ON. But perhaps I was one of the lucky person that my laptop run smoothly till date. I dont know, why Dell says to update such bios?? why dell cant update the bios before shipping the laptop??


    Why the software maker make such bios that makes mainboard damaged?? why dont they make a secure system of bios update?? who will pay if the bios update fails and main board goes to hell after the warranty finishes?? 

  • I had similar issue .they replaced my new motherboard(only 2months old) with a refurbished one .Now im facing 2 more issues overheating and the ATI 5470 card is running at lower bandwidth (PCI-E 1x instead of PCI-E 16x).Kishor never ever update their BIOS from windows  instead call the customer care and ask him to update it remotely