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Precision M90 won't boot


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Precision M90 won't boot

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I had to take the laptop apart to get the GPU fixed - overheating issue, this took about 2 weeks.

The laptop was left unplugged - no battery, cmos battery, ac etc connected.

Now I have re-assembled it (I think correctly), but it won't boot.

AC power connected - ac led is solid green.

When I try to boot it, the "on led" (power led? The left-most one) flashes green a few times then turns off. The CD drive clicks slightly, and if a CD is in, the led on the drive flashes.

I am thinking that because I left it unplugged for so long that the BIOS has been lost (?).

If so, how do I re-flash it - I can't even use the boot cd, because not enough bios starts to get to the F12 screen.

If not, any ideas on what the problem really is?




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  • I have now replaced the motherboard, but it has exactly the same symptoms.

    The fact that it fails POST, makes me think that it is some other component.


    I am now going to try a new GPU incase the repair failed.